Verizon Is Bringing Back Unlimited Data

It seems as though Verizon is really getting tired of these other carriers stealing their customers. To try and get more customers Verizon has brought back their unlimited data plan that’s been unavailable for about 6 years. The new plan isn’t insanely high but if you get a single line it will run you $80/ per month. 

If you get 4 lines then you’ll be paying $45/per line every month. This turn around could signify that unlimited data is making a much welcome come back and hopefully AT&T follows suite. The only problem with this plan is that users might get throttled if they use too much data. 


2 thoughts on “Verizon Is Bringing Back Unlimited Data

  1. Exact same price point as my carrier – T Mobile. I left Verizon because of their harsh data restrictions. I won’t be going back but I do think it is funny how they are acting like they are “consumer friendly” by bringing this back. They shouldn’t have removed it in the first place. Data limits are unreasonable.

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