Recently I’ve started getting back on that anime grind and I’ve managed to watch some shows from this year which is much better than last year. With the Spring season just around the corner O thought that it’d be a good idea to make a list of the anime that I’m most hyped for this season, this list won’t contain any OVA’s or movies. 

7) Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho

Synopsis:It was the year 526. The world knew that witches existed, and that they practiced the notorious art of sorcery. Nevertheless, the world did not know anything about the study of magic. Our story follows a half-man, half-beast mercenary; humans mockingly call his kind the “fallen beasts.” He always dreamt of becoming a human, but one day, he met a witch who would change his life forever. “Do you desire a human form? Then be my escort, mercenary!” The witch introduced herself as “Zero,” and explained that she was searching for a one-of-a-kind magical tome that bandits had stolen from her lair. Entitled “The Book of Zero,” the grimoire supposedly contained valuable magical knowledge that could be used to effortlessly bring the world to its knees. Thus, in order to realize his dream of becoming a human, the mercenary must accompany Zero on her journey—despite her being one of the witches he so loathed. This is the story of a haughty sorceress and a kindhearted beast. -source (

This show makes my list because it seems as if it’s going to have a deep story and good characters hopefully it all pans out and it proves to be a dope anime. 

6) Clockwork Planet

Synopsis: Everyone on the Clockwork Planet considers Naoto Miura a machinery nut. Every moment of every day, he has his mind on gears and his hands tinkering with delicate mechanical motors, but nobody understand how he can hear and feel gears in operation, even from a long distance away. Then one day, a clockwork maiden falls from the sky, presaging events that would shake the whole world… (Source

All I’m gonna say is that this anime is on that RPG sounding shit like Final Fantasy and I love anime and games like that, hopefully the show isn’t basic and has some depth to it. 

5)Boruto: The Next Generation

If you know anything about me then you know I grew up watching Naruto so it’s a give in that I’m gonna watch Boruto. 

4) Sakurada Reset

Synopsis: The story is set in a town called Sakurada, where almost half the population possess some form of special powers. The story centers on two high school students. Kei Asai has the ability to perfectly remember anything he sees and hears, while Misora Haruki can turn back or “reset” time for a maximum of three days. Both students are members of their school’s “Service Club,” which their town’s administration bureau uses to observe people with powers and protect the peace. By using their powers together (Kei can remember things even when time has been reset), they solve cases for the club. Kei learns of the “MacGuffin” stone, which looks like a worthless black stone, but in reality will turn out to be the stone upon which the existence of Sakurada will hinge on. (Source 

I love supernatural anime and the fact that the plot centers around a small town where the inhabitants have powers is pretty interesting. The show reminds me of Code Lyoko because they’re able to reset time. 

3) Re: Creators

Synopsis: Humans have created many stories. Joy, sadness, anger, deep emotion. Stories shake our emotions, and fascinate us. However, these are only the thoughts of bystanders. But what if the characters in the story have “intentions”? To them, are we god-like existences for bringing their story into the world? Our world is changed. Mete out punishment upon the realm of the gods. In Re:CREATORS, everyone becomes a Creator. (Source ANN)

2) Frame Arms Girls


Based on Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Girl model kit line. The anime will focus on Gourai, the first model released for the line, as well as Stylet and Baselard (source MAL)

 love Mecha anime so I pretty much have to include this show, the only thing that I’m worried about is that there’s gonna be a good amount of fan service which is a huge turn off for me but then again I did watch Infinite Stratos. 

1) Seikaisuru Kado

Synopsis: Kojirou Shindou. Cabinet Office Director-General for Policy Planning, is at Haneda Airport for a business trip. While the plane is on the runway, a giant structure suddenly appears out of thin air. The plane carrying Shindou and 251 passengers is taken undamaged inside the giant structure. After everyone disembarks, a man who looks like an ordinary human being shows up. He assures those from the plane that they’re not in any danger. Shindou asks him to identify himself and explain the situation. Then the outside of the structure is displayed on a large screen, and at the same time, every passenger’s cell phone starts ringing all at once. On each cell phone screen is a message from this man, to every one of Japan’s citizens: “I, Yaha-kui za Shunina, hereby notify you that I am going to intervene in Japan’s internal affairs. “What is this young man’s goal? And will Shindou manage to become an intermediary between Japan and the Anisotorons…?
Let me be honest here the art Reminds me of K for some reason which had an amazing art style but delivered poorly with the plot hopefully this show’s delivery isuch better because it definitely has potential.