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I gotta thank my mans Matt for tagging me for the video game tag. It’s a rarity that I talk about my own interest outside of news, reviews and the like. So you’ll get the chance to know a little bit about me. 


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    What is your favorite video game genre (I.E. RPG, FPS, MMO, etc.)?

    I enjoy RPG’s the most especially ones that have extensive character creation and customization. Racing games are also tied with RPG’s. 

    Which system do you prefer to game on?

    I’m a PC gamer pretty much by default but I’m thinking of copping a PS4 mainly because of Horizon Zero Dawn. I would be willing to cop a Xbox One but there aren’t any exclusives that make me really want it although Halo Reach Anniversary should be dropping in the next few years. 

    Who is your favorite video game character?

    It’s gonna be a 3-way tie for this one my favorite characters are Master Chief (Halo Franchise), Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII), & Squall Leonhart (Kingdom Hearts Franchise, Final Fantasy VI).

    Which game do you believe has the best plot?

    Honestly I think the Mass Effect Franchise had the best plot in gaming. I say that because the player had the ability to alter the plot to an extent with their decision making.

    What game gave the most hype but didn’t deliver? 

    The Division easily didn’t live up to the hype. That game had the most bootleg damage model, headshots didn’t kill enemies, yet you could get fucked up quick. Ubisoft did one hell of a job hyping it up just for us to be let down. 

    What game are you waiting for?

    Mass Effect Andromeda, I’m so hyped up for that game it’s not even funny and the gameplay that was dropped had me salivating. I’m getting that game day one. 

    If you were taken to an island and  forced to only play 3 games, which 3 games would you choose?

    I would choose The Crew, Skyrim, and I’m gonna go back to the days if the PS2 with this one Jak X. 

    Which games do you feel have the best replay value?

    I would say any old school game because it was just something about them that made the so fun, maybe it’s the absence of DLC. 

    Name 1 Game that you think everyone should play?

    For this one I’m gonna go with a game that may have slipped under people’s radars in the days of the Xbox 360, the game is called Vanquish, and although it’s only single player the game is pretty damn good

    What game did you grow up on?

    As a 90’s kid I grew up playing things like Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, & Sly Cooper. The last three just so happen to also be some of my favorite game franchises ever. 

    Which game would you like to see come back?

    Jak & Daxter mainly because the last game two games that came out were spin-offs and I know for a fact Jak ain’t the type to sit around and rule Spargas City. Also I’m pretty sure the metal heads are still around at the end of Jak 3. 



    Jeffrey Botah: 


    12 thoughts on “Video Game Tag

    1. Reblogged this on GamersUnitedGG Blog and commented:
      I love to see that people are actually participating in the Video Game Tag that we created a few months ago! I’ll definitely reblog and shot out the Gamers who have decided to play (P.S. we’re making a new one soon 🙂 ). Check it out!


    2. Awesome Video Game tag! I was suprised to see it after reading your Halo 3 post, but I’m so happy other gamers are taking part in it! When I created it I wanted to get to know more gamers because I haven’t read enough books for a book tag lol.

      I totally agree with the Division having so much hype but being a complete let down. That and Defiance were reasons for me to throw my controller against the wall lol.

      Crazy enough I’ve never played Jak & Daxter or Ratchet & Clank. There’s a new Ratchet & Clank on PS4 so I may give it a go lol.

      Thank you for participating! I will reblog it. Enjoy your week!

      -Luna 🙂

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      1. Thanks. It’s kinda surprising that you’ve never played Jak or Ratchet, if you ever get the chance you should play the OG ones that were out back in the day on the PS2 especially Ratchet Deadlocked that game was fire.

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      2. It definitely looks like a game I would love. The problem is I’m an avid Xbox and Nintendo gamer so PlayStation has only recently came into my life. (As in I bought a Ps4 when they released lol). So I haven’t played Kingdom Hearts yet even though that’s he only game that was interesting to me as a kid.

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