The hype around Nintendo’s upcoming consoles is a bit confusing, it seems as though the console is going to be nothing more than a glorified tablet trying to pass as a gaming console. Yet the masses of Nintendo faithful claim that it’ll be a great console despite all the negatives. 

Today my focus is on the paid online service that the switch offers and that Nintendo apparently hasn’t named yet. I’ll be going over the different features offered by the service and giving my thoughts on them then giving a final verdict. 

Online Play

One of the services main features is online play such as multiplayer and online Co-Op. They don’t state much about this feature but hopefully it doesn’t crash every other month like PSN. 

Voice Chat

Voice Chat is something that comes default with practically every online gaming service, hell there’s even one’s like Discord that aren’t connected to a certain brand. With that in mind you would think that Nintendo would have their newest console capable of Voice Chat right? Well…Ummm… they didn’t do that. In order to use voice chat you have to download a separate app on your phone and it doesn’t just stop there the free version of the app which drops in the summer is going to be limited so it looks like you’ll have to shed out some more money possibly $10-$20 more for the app which is fucking ridiculous. 

Monthly Game Downloads

This is very similar to Xbox’ s Game With Gold became you can download older titles for free. The only possible downside to this is that you may not be able to keep the free games you downloaded if you cancel your subscription subscription. 


Nintendo looks as though they’re moving is a good direction, they still made some bad decisions with the online service mainly the fact that there’s no native voice chat on the console. There still remain some questions about the online service, mainly people wondering if it’s going to be stable. Earlier I stated that in order to use voice chat one would have to download an app, the app not only allows for voice chat but it also allows you to send game invites, set “play appointments” (the fuck are those), and chat online all of which should be able to be done from switch itself and shouldn’t require a person to download an app for. Overall the Switch’s online service has potential, so long as Nintendo doesn’t try to nickel & dime consumers it’ll have some success not as much as PSN or XBL but it will have some success.