Chain Chronicles is the first anime of 2017 that I’ve watched and I must say that so far it’s been pretty impressive. the very first episode starts off with a bang and has so much action that I was left a bit lost. The first 6 minutes had me wondering what the hell I was watching it was nothing but pure action, I legitimately thought I was watching the anime version of Fire Emblem because I’m pretty sure I saw Corin or one of the other characters from Fire Emblem Awakening, hell I was pretty sure I saw some Final Fantasy characters. The show overall seems as though it will have a good variety of characters, some characters remind me of one’s from other shows and games.

The animation is very solid and looks beautiful the only things that I don’t like about the animation is the use of CGI in some scenes it makes it seem a little half assed at times especially when the characters in the background are made using CGI. The use of light and shadows on the characters faces just doesn’t look right at times it will make one side of their face far too bright and the other side looks a bit too dark at times. The way that the setting is drawn is so beautiful Mainly the forests like areas, the light reflecting off the water is also all so beautiful. One big problem with the show is that during fight scenes they make everyone who isn’t Arum and Yuri weak although by the time episode 4 hits you do get to see some other characters fighting more. The show also has very good voice acting and none of the characters have annoying voices.

Overall the first episode does pretty much nothing more than catch your attention although it does give you the basics regarding the plot. Basically the plot is about Yuri (not the nigga from Yuri on Ice) and the Volunteer army trying to stop the Black King from launching the world into darkness. The plot seems pretty basic and generic but the characters are pretty interesting especially the guy Arum who looks like Bell Cranel 2.0 and damn sure fights like it. The relationship between him and Yuri definitely has the potential of making the two characters more human. One thing that I wish the show did was put a little more focus on characters who aren’t named Juliana, Yuri, & Arum because there’s quite a sizeable and diverse cast of characters. The size of the cast of characters is a potential problem because it may treat many characters the way Fairy Tail treats its characters meaning that outside of the few main characters they’ll be little to no development. 

There does seem to be a little romance developing between Yuri and Phoena (wifey). I would like to see the show take advantage of that and possibly put Phoena in the spotlight a bit more because she feels like a background character and you know she wifey you gotta give wifey some screentime. 
Overall Chain Chronicles is a good anime and it’s best fit for people that like Action/Fantasy anime. So far I’d give it a 8/10 with the only problems being that it focuses too much on one set of characters and almost ignores the rest of the cast. The only other problem is that use of CGI. If you have the time you should definitely watch the show.