Ubisoft looking for another L

After taking L’s in 2016 like they were Meek Mill French Game Dev studio Ubisoft has decided to go with a brand new game based off of James Cameron’s Avatar which would be their second game, the first being released in 2009. 

The game is going to be developed by Massive the same studio that was responsible for the eventual L called Tom Clancy’s The Division. I have to ask why would Ubisoft make a game based off of a movie that’s a little old. Hopefully the game doesn’t get a major downgrade after we manage to see the gameplay like Watch Dogs did. 

The game was announced after update 1.6 was released for The Division. Thw timing of the announcement would lead one to think that Ubisoft is done with The Division but they’ve assured us that the game won’t have an impact on The Division which could mean any number of things. Let me know if you think this new game is gonna be a flop or of Ubisoft will hit gold with this title. 



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