I gotta thank the homie D over  at D Talks Anime for nominating me for this. D runs a fire anime blog that has reviews and whatever your anime loving heart desires. 


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The creator of this award is Otoko Enigma’s Blog

3 Facts about me

  • Im a major sneakerhead with my all time favorite shoes being  Jordan 4’s, Foamposite One’s, Adidas NMD’s, & Lebron 11’s
  • I’m more of a new anime fan since I started really getting into anime in 2012 when I was 13. 
  • I’m a bit of a music junkie with my spotify playlist having over 2k songs alongside my countless SoundCloud playlists. 

D’s Questions

1) What’s your favorite part of everyday life?

I would have to say the night because it’s just relaxing. I can lay back bump some R&B, watch a movie, or just sleep. 

2) What your favorite ice cream flavor?

I’m gonna keep it real I don’t really care for ice cream I’m more of a shaved ice guy. As far as ice cream goes I’ll take sherbet over any other. 

3)If you could kill someone without any reprecussions would you?

If I’m getting paid in the millions then call me Agent 47

4) Are you a morning person?

Nah, I’m definitely not a moening person. I love the night it’s just to quiet, chill, & peaceful. 

5) Do you have a celebrity crush?

See now I don’t have a celebrity crush I have several. As far as hollywood goes it’d have to be ScarJo like come on she’s sexy as hell so you already know she wifey #1. As far as other celebs go I’d say that SSSniperwolf and Gina Darling meanwhile my inner weeb is say Hestia.

My Questions

  1. Who’s your all time favorite music artist?
  2. What was the worst movie you’ve ever seen
  3. What entertainer would you look at as an inspiration 
  4. What’s your favorite pass time. 
  5. Where would you like yourself to be in 5 years (job, life, family, etc)

Nominations (I ain’t gonna be able to come up with 20 people who haven’t done this.)

Jeffrey Botah


Mad Paulo
Mark King

Two Happy Cats

Otaku Orbit