In my attempt to expand my selection of R&B artist I happened to run across Perry. Norrman Perry is an artist from New Haven, Connecticut and his music is a mix of R&B and rap, he reminds me of Krews who has a similar style. 

Perry’s songs never use just one type of beat some beats are more bass heavy while others are more calm which allows each song fo have a different feel and it doesn’t make his music stale.

Both Elvira and Grindin have Perry’s singing on them but the songs have two very different “personalities” Elvira is the kind of track that will have you and your partner feeling like y’all are dtf while Grindin is a track that you’d just chill to and do some deep thinking to. 

Earlier I stated that Perry and Krews had very similar, there are some major differences however. The biggest ones being Perry is a much more refined singer and Krews being a much better rapper. 

If Krew$ and Perry were to collab it would be fire. If Perry gets more attention he’ll be main stream within the next 3 years.