I had been putting this manga off for a few months now and I must say that me doing that was a fucking mistake. 

Plot: Dolly Kill Kill centers around a world where the human race has been all but wiped out by beings called Dollies. These Dollies invaded Earth during the very first chapter of the manga using mosquito/wasp like insects to kill many while they themselves slaughtered more humans. Half a year later most of humanity is dead and the world being in a sort of Mad Max apocalyptic state with the dollies still being present. The remaining humans are either going fucking crazy and doing whatever they want or they’re trying to rid the world of these dollies. 

Dolly Kill Kill focuses around Iruma who was a normal highschool student up until the invasion. During the invasion he lost his his best friend and his crush which made him a regret driven psychopath that gives no fucks about his own life. 

Iruma’s really lost it

Iruma does calm down a bit though he’s not sane through the first 29 chapters (that’s all I’ve read so far). He manages to stay somewhat sane until a Dolly comes around then he goes full Eren Jeager. 

The manga’s art is very well done and definitely suits its somewhat insane action scenes. My main problem with the art is that some of the characters look too goofy. So far the plot is solid with their being several characters that could be deemed important which gives the manga options when it comes to choosing a perspective. The manga takes advantage of this when it switches over to Kyujin Namekata. 

The manga switchtes back and forth between Namekata and Iruma perspectives for the next while. 

Overall the manga has a good story that’s starting to develop with characters that should develop nicely. I expect Iruma to become more fleshed out instead of a crazy doll killing maniac. Dolly Kill Kill is best suited for people that enjoy action manga, the manga is listed as a horror manga but don’t let that label fool you the manga doesn’t really have any horror elements. So far I’d give the manga a 8.5/10.