The hype that surrounds the second season of Attack on Titan reached its height when the first episode dropped. Just about every weeaboo and otaku were so excited for it while I just sat here and for the most part ignored it, which suprised some. My perspective on the second season is going to differ from many due to the fact that I honestly didn’t give a fuck about the first season. 


The first episode had a slow start and outside of a few scenes there wasn’t much that really grabbed my attention, one of the few things that did get my attention was the “Beast Titan” 

The Beast Titan is pretty intriguing due to the fact that he can speak a human language. He’s almost like the titan that seemed to have emotion (the same one that a girl’s body in a tree). Another thing about him that I noticed is that he seems to have some knowledge of the shit that was around Miche’s waist which makes me wonder what else it knows with it’s no muscle king kong looking ass. The second thing that should really interest people is that there is a titan in the walls and that there might be several. The introduction of both the Beast & Wall titans gives the plot a little something to build off of and won’t force us to be looking at only one subject. The second episode mainly follows Sasha although it starts off with Eren, Levi, and  a few others. The episode follows Sasha as she attempts to warn her village (a certain man she knew) that Titans had broken through Wall Maria but instead she finds herself in a new village and that Titans had already reached the village.

As she enters the village you see what appears to be a naked man (that’s what I thought it was) feasting on a woman. Sasha did attempt to kill the Titan but ultimately failed (due to her getting an axe stuck in the ceiling) so she decided to help the woman’s child who looks like Armin escape. The episode happens to contain a flashback that pretty much sums up why Sasha talks so politely. This is triggered becayse the child asked her why she was speaking so politely. Overall the series is pretty dope and the way the second episode ended has me just thinking how a deformed titan got stuck in that house, but hey I might review 1 or 2 episodes at a time for this series