As a guy born in 1999 I grew up watching Naruto so when it came time for his kid to get the spotlight I had to watch it. As of now the show has about 4 or 5 episodes and I’ve seen 3 so far and there’s been enough content for me to form a decent opinion on the sshowamd be able to make a first impression review and since this is essentially a spinoff of Naruto I’m just gonna skip the synopsis .


The very first episode hit me with a dash of nostalgia due to the fact that Boruto’s antics reminded me a bit of Naruto’s antics. The similarities don’t end there his demeanor seem so much like his fathers, he doesn’t exactly have that same never give up attitude like his father but nonetheless it’s pretty similar. The Konoha 11’s children are aan interesting bunch because of the fact that they’re so similar to their parents with the exception of Inojin, I say that because he seems to have a watered down version of Sai’ attitude and doesn’t have the same personality as Ino. The new generation also seems to be more advanced than their parents were at that age. Some perfect examples are Inojin, Shikadai, & Metal Lee. Each of the three that I know some advanced justu (minus Metal Lee) Shikadai can use Shadow Possession Jutsu and Inojin can use Super Beast Scroll. Metal Lee is exceptionally strong as we saw during his “fight” against Shikadai, Boruto, & Inojin. It should also be noted that they’re very tactical for kids who just entered the academy.

The first few episodes did a decent job of introducing the cast and giving us a look at two of the characters families. The cast is roughly around the same size as the original having a few less characters, out of those characters there’s one in particular that’s caught my eye that person is the class rep. She is the purple haired girl and she looks as though she’s gonna be a semi important character but what I want to know is who’s kid is that.

Who’s fucking kid is this

The last thing I want to say about the characters is that Temari is bad as fuck, I mean like damn like she’s hot and Hinata is still pretty fine although shr ain’t as bad as she was in the Last but I guess that’s what two kids will do to a woman.

As far as animation goes I’d give it a 8/10 it’s not the best animation I’ve seen but it’s much better than Dragonball Super. The voice acting is great and so far there’s not a character who’s voice makes me cringe when I hear them talk. Overall I’d  give the show a 8.5/10. The only negatives that I can say is that the opening is a bit annoying and it feels like it belongs with a Slice of life anime mainly because it’s so vibrant and popish.