Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation Review

Being a huge fan of shows like Bones and CSI I couldn’t say no to watching an anime that revolves around a similar subject. Beautiful Bones Sakurako’s Investigation is a show that consist of 12 episodes and follows forensic scientist…field examiner…bone person whatever the hell she (Osteologist) is Sakutako and Boy (Shotaro).


The show mainly has 2 characters Sakurako and Boy…I mean Shotaro, the show has other characters but they usually only stick around for an episode or two. Sakurako is a rather slender good looking womam with a bland personality who has a very strange obsession with bones, actually it’s a fucking disturbing obsession with bones. Sakurako has the strange luck of finding bones and in some cases entire skeletons when she’s out this often times will end up with her solving a murder case. Luckily she has Boy with her most of the time. Boy’s actual name is Shotaro but Salurako just about always addresses him as Boy, Shotaro is like a side kick to Sakurako and he usually getting dragged along as she solves murder cases. Shotaro is your run of the mill teenage boy that can be found in just about every anime, he does seem to be the only person outside of her maid who is ever seen with her on a regular basis.

The show has a very good soundtrack and the opening is a very good opening but the ending is where all the gold is. The ending somehow manages to be a perfect fit for whatever happens at the end of an episode, I often times found myself getting a bit too hyped for the next episode especially when I got down to the last few episodes. As far as art and animation goes I must say that the show is absolutely gorgeous the lighting is perfect and the colors, another good thing is that when there’s a darker setting in the show there’s enough lighting to make it not look too dark but makes it look cinematic.

Just look at that art

*Spoilers ahead*

The show gets a bonus for having great voice actors. I couldn’t find a single character’s voice that I hated, every single character had a solid voice and were able to convey emotion well more so in the final episodes. For all the positives the show did have a few negatives. The biggest L this show has is it’s writing, the show started off weak and attempted to try to string together all the past murders with the whole thing about the guy who stole bones but it ended up being a flop because the show  never really made a big deal about it. Had the show even made an attempt to make the murders seem like more than something to drive individual episodes the reveal about a serial killer would have made a bit more sense. The last episode makes the writing even more confusing as all it does is show us how Sakurako and Shotaro met effectively leaving us wondering if a season 2 will be made.

*Spoiler End*

Final Verdict

Overall the show was a great watch even though the writing wasn’t the greatest. The biggest downside to the show is the fact that there wasn’t really a cohesive story until the last 3-4 episodes, the bad writing can be excused because the first half of the show was enjoyable and they at least were theme based and didn’t feel like filler. The show would be best suited for anyone that enjoys mystery anime and wants to see a serious show that has no real fan service, the show can also be an introduction to anime for anyone that’s trying to get into the medium. If you’re looking for a season 2 then you’ll probably be waiting for a while as studio Troyca has yet to renew the show, basically you’re better off reading the manga.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation Review

  1. I enjoyed this series. What I really loved about this, is Sakurako’ sharp tongue. She had both beauty and brains. Shoutarou was like Watson, never a major star but a star none the less. The show certainly did have it’s flaw. The story took it’s time getting started. As Karandi said, the show really took off at the last two epi. Hope the show does get a 2nd cour – I doubt it though.

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  2. I think my biggest issue with this series was that those final two episodes actually felt like the beginning of the story and like things were finally getting going and then it ended. I really wanted to know that there was a continuation and we could find out what happened but apparently not.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. There’s probably going to be a second season seeing how the fanbase wants one. The last episode wasn’t exactly like a beginning it felt more like a .5 episode where they try to bring you up to speed about certain things.

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