Dynasty Warriors 9 is gonna be lit

Traditionally the Dynasty Warriors franchise has been a linear hack-and-slash games having 8 main game and several spinoffs. The newest (unreleased) installment in the series plans to take the game out of it’s comfort zone by making it an open world game. 

Credit IGN

According to Koei Tecmo the game will feature a dynamic day/night cycle along with a weather cycle. The game will have a variety of landscapes and players will be able to adapt to their surroundings to gain an advantage in battle.


Dynasty warriors 9 will have a roster of more than 83 characters all of which are playable. Currently the game doesn’t have a drop date yet but I’d imagine that it will drop before the year is over. The game will have new features such as being able to shoot enemies from a distance and being able to get into enemy castles with grappling hooks.
Sources Polygon


25 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 is gonna be lit

  1. That’s going to be awesome. The only Dynasty game I played is One Piece but I have been curious on playing the actual Dynasty Warriors game. I wonder how the open world going to feel like.

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    1. Really? I guess if the environment is going to affect combat, I think this where players will have decide how will handle taking fortress. Some might be easy while others my need help.

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