I’m gonna keep this pretty short because it’s  Mother’s day and I’m not going to have a lot of time today. This posts purpose is to detail what type of content I’m going to dropping from now on, it’ll pretty much be new stuff alongside what’s here now.

Waifu Wars

If there’s one thing that should be known about me it’s that I like women and that I can be a little weebish at times. Waifu Wars would be the product of those two things and will be the weebiest shit I’ll ever do here. The content will be me doing who would you rather with anime (or video game) girls and I’ll be doing it once every month and I’m open to suggestions on which females I should have face off they can be singles, duos, triples,etc.


I’ve done throwback tracks before but usually I wasn’t too consistent this time however I’ll be consistent. The throw back tracks will only be Hip hop and R&B since majority of the music I listen too fall into those genres. The songs I’ll use will be anything prior to 2015 and at some point I may even make a spotify playlist for it.

Manga Reviews 

This really is something that I’ve had on the back burner for a good minute, I’ve mainly bedn holding it back since I’m trying to find a writing format that I’m comfortable with. I’ll start reviewin manga in June and they’ll be done once a month and once I get comfortable with them I’ll do them twice or 3 times a month.

Album Reviews

Okay this is something I’m already working on, I’ll be writing more reviews on rap albums. I’ll us I ally throw up 2 or 3 per month moving forward depending on how many albums/ mixtapes drop that month.

Unfortunately that’s the extent of new content that I’ll be doing, I’ll probably do another one of these during the end of the year. These will go alongside my other content and hopefully some people will like them.