Mixtape Review| Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s HoodWolf

Hoodwolf is the collab mixtape that Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Danny Wolf worked on. The mixtape dropped earlier this month and has 11 tracks and is essentially trap music. Pablo Juan is one of those artist that is good at what he does and usually doesn’t disappoint if you like trap music. With that said he can get kinda stale real quick especially when he doesn’t really change his style too much or his beats don’t provide enough energy.

The lack of energy well that is a major problem with the mixtape, each song on their own are good but they can’t really keep you’re attention if you listen to the whole album. His voice isn’t much of a help either since he has a deep voice that’s bland at times, Danny Wolf on the other times gives a bit of energy to the songs mainly because he doesn’t sound as slow as Juan. The only real saving grace for this album is the last song on the album and it just so happens that it shares the name of the mixtape. The song Hoodwolf  features Drugrixh Hext and has a more upbeat feel compared to the rest of the mixtape. The fact that Pablo Juan actually doesn’t have as much of a presence as he does on the other tracks is a plus suprisingly. 

All together no one would blame you for passing on this album, it only has a few good tracks but overall feels like a generic trap style mixtape. If you’re gonna listen to any of the tracks from the Album I’d recommend that you listen to Hoodwolf, 2 Bitches, Winter, & Bodies. As far as a rating goes it’s a 3/5. 


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