NFL to Debut new safer helmet 

The game of football can be a violent game at times and it’s usually a priority to keep players safe without effecting the game. Helmets are one of the main ways to keep players safe, the NFL has been trying to reduce the number of concussions and other head injuries. 

The main provider of helmets for helmets Ridell has been trying to make safer helmets with the latest one being the Ridell Speedflex. The speedflex isn’t seen that much in the NFL outside of the younger players. Ridell now has some competition with the NFL looking at the Zero1 from Vicis. The helmet isn’t the best looking thing in the world but it should be able to protect players.

According to out informant the advisory team at Vicis is made up of several current and former NFL players and that among 33 other helmets the Zero1 came in 1st when it came to reducing the severity of impacts to the head. If you’re interested in know more about the Zero1 then check out the video.


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