The hype behind Destiny 2 is real, the reveal live stream gave us a good idea of how the game is going to play and Jesus it’s going to be lit. The game is going to have some features returning like Raids, Strikes and the Crucible. There will be new modes like Countdown which is a 4v4 attack and Defend game type, speaking of 4v4 all of the competitive Multiplayer modes.

The 4v4 Multiplayer is a bit of a let down since the first game had 6 on 6 but supposedly it’ll have easier matchmaking. We all know that solo players really kind of missed out when it came to raids luckily Bungie has a solution for it. The solution is guided games. Guided Games is a feature that allows solo players to team up with Clans (yes Destiny 2 will have legitimate Clans) to participate in Raids and Strikes, it’s a nice feature but it doesn’t do much for players that want to go into Strikes or Raids solo. I don’t know why they’d go and do such foolery but true solo players take an L this time too.

As I said before there will be Clans and you’ll get some perks for being in a clan. The only real perk is that rewards get shared with members of the clan, I don’t recall them saying how these rewards would be split but I imagine that everyone gets the same loot. Clans also will be able to have their own custom banners to set themselves apart form other clans, they’ll also be able to describe themselves so that solo players will get a better idea about them when it comes to guided games. There will also be in game rosters for Clans. It feels like Clans could replace the factions that were in the first game and it would be dope if that were the case.

The map in the game doesn’t get ignored this time around as it will display things like Adventures and Lost Sectors. Adventures and Lost Sectors are activities that Guardians can do when out in the field. Adventures are side quest that give you loot, in other words side quest. Lost Sectors are dungeons and are something that I’m looking forward to. Hopefully they somehow tie in with live events and the loot isn’t absolute ass and vary depending on your level (because I don’t want to be stuck with a weak ass weapon). It’s easy to see how Adventures might be tied in to the story or lore at some point since the City is pretty much no more.

Since the Cabal managed to take over the city there needed to be a new Hub location, that location is the EDZ otherwise known as the European Deadzone. I really have a problem with the EDZ, there’s no way in hell that you’re gonna tell me that the Cabal aren’t or haven’t attacked them because from what I’ve seen it looks like they’re in the middle of nowhere literally it looks like they’re in the middle of a damn open field with ships coming and going somebody has to notice that shit.

Along with the EDZ there’s a few new locations that are lit.The first of the locations is Titan, Titan is one of Saturn’s moons but I couldn’t blame you if you thought it was Kamino from Star Wars because it honestly is an industrial version of Kamino with the platforms and giant waves. The second location is Nessus and to put it simply the Vex all but own the place and if you hate the Vex then Nessus is gonna be hell for you. The final location is IO which is a place where it rains acid or some shit. IO has some importance lore wise since it was the last place the traveler went to before the collpase. Destiny 2 looks to be dope game and the open beta drops sometime this summer.