Montana of 300 is one of the best rapperers of this era. He managed to get enough attention to het him considered for the 2017 XXL Freshman Class, he’s alsopht out enough fire for people to consider him “The Rap God” even though that title goes to Eminem.

Montana has some varity when it comes to sound and he shows that on this album. On tracks like Plug Love, Wifin You, & Had to Sauce he has a R&B vibe to his music with a bit of auto tune. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t fuck with that style (mainly because Lil Durk ruined it for me) but Montana of 300 executes it so well that I cant help but love it. While the album has some R&B like songs you wouldn’t want to be blasting them in public like it’s a old Drake song, unless you don’t care. Tracks like Love The Rapper and Wifin You might make some people uncomfortable if they don’t like heavy sexual content. In total the Album has around 6 R&B style songs.

Suprisingly there aren’t any songs where he show just how good of a rapper he is. By that I mean there aren’t any songs like his Chiraq freestyle or his Panda remix, which is somewhat disappointing because he can rap at an elite level. Luckily we got the 4th part of the FGE Cypher amd that’s really the only song where he snaps. Honestly the FGE Cypher might be the best song on thre album.

As a whole the album is great but if you don’t like R&B you might not like a good portion of the album. The album can definitely be listened to several times and it won’t become stale. I’d rate the album a 4/5 with the biggest downside being that it has too many R&B styled tracks and because Wifin You is on the album, I don’t hate the song but it was on a previous mixtape and I hate when artist throw an older track that was already released on an album.