It seems like the era of 200+ episode anine is coming to an end. First Bleach ended then our beloved Naruto ended, and now Fairy Tail is ending. It was already known that the series would be ending but that time is much closer than some though, with 10 chapters left the 63rd & final volume is very close.

Series creator Hiro Mashima is planning on starting on a new series and he also isn’t done with the franchise stating Even though the original manga is ending, I don’t think Fairy Tail is done just yet. I have a lot of plans, so please look forward to them.” It’s pretty easy to imagine Mashima having some more plans for the series, my guess is that there might be a spinoff (somewhat like Boruto) or that there might be a few more movies since the series was so long yet there was only 2 movies (Dragon Cry & Phoenix Priestess) and from what I’ve seen one of them is pretty damn good.

Currently the manga is in it’s final arc, the franchise has been around since 2006 making it one of the older series still in production.

Source: ANN