My procrastination is something I honestly need to do something about but nonetheless I’m getting around to doing the Mystery Blogger Award, and I gotta thak my homie over at for nominations ya boy. You should check out his blog when you get the chance.


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  5. Tell the readers 3 things abouy yourself 
  6. Answer 5 questions from the nominee
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3 Facts About Me

  1. I want to pursue a career in film production and possibly start my own production company.
  2. I’ve only been to one anime convention (Otakon) and I kinda stuck out like a sore thumb.
  3. I’m gonna take a year off after I graduate this year before I go to college


    1. Why did you decide to start a blog in the first place?

    I started it because I kinda wanted to have a platform to talk about tge subjects I enjoy and to improve my quality of writing, the name choice however is a simple story.

    2. What do you hope to achieve with your blog? 

    Honestly I don’t have many goals for this because it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing but one of my main ones is to get an audience/community and at some point I might start up a podcast with some people I know.

    3. What are your favorite video games.

    This list could go on for a mile but to keep it short my favorite games of all time are Kingdom Hearts (franchise), Halo 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted (not the shitty remake), Jak X, & 2k.

    4. What’s your favorite song?

    Currently my favorite song is actually 2 songs the fitst is Poppin Tags by Future, the second is a track from two of the UK’s yong rappers on a come up it’s Thiago Silva by Dave and AJ Tracey.

    5. What’s your favorite food and drink?

    As a guy born and raised in Maryland my favorite food easily are crabs I don’t care if it’s the whole crab, crab cakes, crab legs, etc. As far as drink goes I love tea.

    Questions for my nominees

    1. If you could be doing anything as a career right now what would it be?

    2. If you had to describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?

    3. Who’s your favorite music artist

    4. If you suddenly had $5 million what would yo do with it.
    5. What style suits you better? Classy, Sporty, Casual, Nerdy

    My Nominees