Ubisoft revealed some trailers and the box art for their upcoming game Far Cry 5 which is set to release in 2018. As always the game gets some hate and is wrapped up in controversy, this time it’s seen as an anti-white, anti Christian game. There’s also people saying that it’s SJW propaganda but honestly it isn’t. It also makes sense that the antagonist and majority of the characters are white since they’re in Montana and majority of the population there are white (89.44 percent based on the 2010 Census).

The game isn’t anti white and I find it a little ironic that people think that especially since practically every Far Cry game before this one had the antagonists be non-whites. You can look back at Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 3 too see that, what makes it even more funny to me is that the people bitching about the game being anti-white probably saw no problems with the previous games demographics. Now to be fair there’s also the asses that are happy to be shooting white people, Republicans, and Christians in this game, to them I say “the fuck is wrong with you?”. 

As far as the whole anti-religion thing goes it’s not hating religion. I say this because from what I can see the antagonist seem more like a Christian extremist cult almost like the one in Outlast 2. If the game just had you running around poppin the religious and/or white people for no reason then I could understand people complaining but Far Cry 5 gives you a reason that’s neither racist nor anti-religion. The antagonist are a group of Radical Christians who are a part of a cult and want to “save” the people of Hope County even if they don’t want to be saved.

The hate on the game is unwarranted and the controversy is just plain stupid, people are complaining about something that’s not even a problem. They could be trying to make a point like people troed to do with Luke Cage having mostly black people but if it’s like that then they’ll look idiotic.