Depending on who you ask Lil Yachty is either the worst hip hop artist or an innovator of the genre, either way Yachty is one of the more unique artist in the industry. At times he’ll rap and at other times he’ll sing with an auto tuned voice with the latter usually having a more positive vibe.

Teenage Emotion is Yachty’s debut album and contains 21 tracks having a mix of his signature singing and his somewhat underrated rapping. To the suprise of some people I know I actually listened to the album. Usually I don’t care for Yachty, I don’t hate and I don’t necessarily like him so I have a somewhat middle ground view of him as an artist.

As a whole I generally enjoyed the album although his singing was a bit annoying but after the second or third time of listening to the album I didn’t have a problem. The album has a variety of sounds and vibes. Tracks like Harley, Like A Star, & Say My Name have a popish positive vibe to them that I personally didn’t care for but are good enough to just listen too. There are also tracks like Ghost that I can only describe as somewhat mellow.

Yachty does rap with a less happy go lucky tone and songs like DN Freestyle and Dirty Mouth. Those tracks gave a better vibe to the album but unfortunately they’re at the beginning of the album.

In the end Teenage Emotion is an album that goes from happy to serious to what the fuck and back. It’s a good listen and unless you’re a yachty fan you’ll probably only like a few songs and it’s nowhere near a great album but it’s a good enough listen

Rating: 7/10