Let the summer of anime begin

Summer’s here I just graduated from High School and I’m going to have a fuck ton of time up until around October so I figured I may as well put out hella content. That’s why I’m essentially going to run a review gauntlet, my goal is to drop an anime review every week and a half up until September 21st. 

I’ll only be reviewing series that have less than 40 episodes and are completed, I will be re-reviewing (is that even a word bruh?) shows that I’ve already reviewed going more in depth and into some spoiler territory. As of now I have about 20 shows that I plan to review those shows include 

  • Angel Beats
  • Infinite Stratos
  • Blood C
  • Ga-Rei Zero
  • Corpse Party
  • Claymore
  • & Trinity 7

Of the shows I listed the only one I haven’t seen is Claymore but there are others that I haven’t seen. Alongside these I’ll be doing first impressions and reviews of anime that will be airing this season. 

Around late July or early August I’ll start reviewing manga and the first one I’ll review will be none other than City Hunter.


4 thoughts on “Let the summer of anime begin

  1. Congratulations on Graduations.
    Alot of work ahead of you I see, but don’t forget to have fun. I’m also planning to do a few revisits of shows. Brings your point of view to another level. Interesting stuff

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Re-reviewing is making a review in response to another person’s review. In other words a reply to someone’s review but since most sites do not allow comments on reviews to respect one’s opinion, some people are easily triggered by disagreements.

    It’s something you probably don’t want to do!


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