Today Apple held it’s annual developers conference (WWDC), the company announced several things. Apple basically covered all the bases and possibly turned some heads with some new features coming to IOS 11, Apple TV, and some big news for Mac.

1) Apple will unveils a device to compete with Amazon Echo & Google Home

Both Google Home and Amazon Echo have been able to run amuck when it comes to smart home devices while Apple has sat on the sidelines like a 3rd string Quarterback. The two aforementioned devices finally have a big competitor which happens to be the Homepod, it’s Apple’s own smart speaker or smarthub  and it uses Siri. The Homepod is basically tge same thing as an Echo and it will run you $349.

2) Macs Macs & more Macs

It was damn near a give in that there would be something about Macs and Mac OS at WWDC and it probably went beyond some people’s expectations. Apple announced several new Macs that seem to be focused on things like graphics, to be honest they really went all in with graphics and performance. 

Apple revealed 3 new IMac’s that people will actually care about, the first being the 21.5- inch IMac with a 4k retina display. The 21.5 inch IMac packs a bit of a punch with up to 4GB of Vram, there’s also going to be a 27-inch model that has a 5k retina display and up to 8GB of Vram. 

The 21.5 4k IMac starts at $1299 and can be equipped with a

  •  3.0ghz or 3.4ghz Intel I5 processor or a 3.6ghz I7 processor
  • 1TB HDD, 1TB Fusion Drive, or 1TB SSD

The 27 inch model specs are 

  • 3.4ghz,3.5ghz, or 3.8ghz I5 processor or a 4.2ghz I7 processor
  • Up to a 3TB Fusion Drive or up to a 2TB SSD

Either way both are pretty stacked on the inside but don’t compare to the new IMac Pro which I’ll get into later. The base IMac will cost $1099 while the 4k and 5k models will cost $1299 & $1799 respectively.

3) They didn’t ignore the Apple Watch

To my surprise the Apple Watch was talked about and it actually is going to get some upgrades. The watch face will now display information that’s relevant to you such as things related to your work out, appointments, and possibly messages.

4) IOS Gets Turnt Up

As expected they went over IOS 11 and talked about it’s features (which there are plenty of). The biggest feature is that you can now make person to person payments with Apple Pay through Messenger which is actually lit as fuck. They even have a feature  that would allow it to know (or estimate/guess) if you owe someone money or are going to pay somebody a certain amount of money and it will give you a suggestion for Apple Pay with an amount already selected. Messenger also got a little upgrade with the fact that it has a new app drawer but let’s be real the whole apple pay thing overshadows this.


Siri got one hell of an upgrade in IOS 11 ad it’s able to translate now, this feature will be useful if you’re going to another country and you don’t speak the language. Siri will also be able to act as a sort of “personal DJ”.  

One of the better improvements to Siri is that Siri can learn from your activity and make suggestions to you based off of what you do. This feature is best shown off when it comes to News as it can make suggestions based off previously searched things.

Control Center

The Control Center got a new look and it’s only one page now, the addition of the sliders is nice and the fact that 3D touch has a sozable role is great too.

5) We’re no longer amateurs Johnny!!!

This year apple has put a focus on professionals and making their devices better for them, this can be seen with the updates to the Ipad in IOS 11 and with the new Macs. The new IMac Pro is a damn beast with 18 cores, Raedon Pro Vega gpu, up to a 128GB of DDR4 RAM, 4TB Solid State Drive, and a 5k ddisplay. It’s meant to be a workhorse and it cost over $4000 so anyone that’s going to cop one will be paying some pretty cash.

Ipads are finally going to feel more like a seperate device instead of a blown up IPhone with IOS 11. You’ll now be able to multi task by dragging an app up from the deck and split screen multitask. A new 10.5 inch IPad was revealed and it should pair well with IOS 11, the 10.5 inch Ipad Pro will have a 64GB option that will run for $649.

6) Sierra might have hit the blunt

The new version of MacOS will be called High Sierra and it will have featurehavs like auto play blocking and it will block afs from following you on Safari. There’s also support for VR which apple is pushing.