Back in the glory days of gaming a game known as Dissidia Final Fantasy was released on the PSP. The game was quite different from the other games in the franchise because it wasn’t an RPG, the game was more of a fighting game. That was almost 10 years ago, after it’s release on PSP the game was brought to arcades.

Square Enix plans to bring the game back and thus time it will be released on the PS4 so it’ll have a graphical upgrade. 
This Time around the game will be titled Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and according to our plug the game will have 20 playable characters that go up to the latest Final Fantasy. Along side the 20 character 10 stages will be avaliable at launch and a new story mode. It’s also been heard that the game may be at E3 and if does get shown I hope we can get a glimpse at the story mode.A trailer was also released that showed off the magnificent gameplay and the 3-on-3 fighting. Overall the gameplay looks pretty polished and fun as hell.