The OG Star Wars Battlefront 2 was a memorable game to the majority of people that played it so it’s expected that EA’s version of the game is going to be picked apart by the Star Wars faithful. EA’s version of the first Battlefront was a somewhat mediocre game and was picked apart by some people. Personally I enjoyed the game.

During EA’s E3 press confrence they revealed gameplay for their upcoming game. While the gameplay wasn’t anything related to the Story it did revolve around a familiar place from the original Battlefront 2 albeit the map looks to be more of a pain in the ass this time around. The gameplay shown was some rather impressive  multiplayer gameplay that took place on Naboo. The gameplay wasn’t too canonical because the clones had phase 2 armor and Boba Fett was running around with that girl frome episode 7. I’ll let you see the gameplay before I talk about the good and bad.


Good: Vibe, Classes, Combat
The combat in Battlefront 2 looks very exciting although it looks like it can get very chaotic and it seems as though it would be better to roll around on small teams as opposed to going on your own. The classes in the game seem very balanced with the exception of the B2 Battledroid but I’ll bitch about that later, from what I saw it seems like there’s 5 classes a piece for the Republic and the CIS those being Assault Clone, Republic Officer, Jump trooper, Heavy Trooper, Specialist Clone and Assault Droid, Officer, B2 Battledroid, Heavy Droid and Specialist droid. From the gameplay the only class I don’t remember seeing is the Heavy Trooper unless he’s the guy with the shield but I’m pretty sure that’s the specialist.

Bad: That bitch Maul

In the original Battlefront 2 Darth Maul was a pain in the ass because he was pretty OP but a single clone could take him out, this time it looks like he’s on some super saiyan god mode shit. It’s almost impossible for a clone to take him out and he took down two heroes with little to no problem especially Han Solo. I noticed that one of the commentators mentiined that maul can’t deflect blaster fire because he’d be too strong, honestly that’d be better than majority of shit he can do now. The main problem with Maul is that he’s too quick for a good majority of characters, that little spin attack would allow him too just charge in a room and do a good amount of damage and his speed would allow him to just dip back out. The only non hero characters that can probably handle him are the heavy and jump troopers but like the commentator said the best strategy may be to converge fire on him or just run. Another thing is that B2 Battledroid that thing is going to be a paon in the ass due to the fact that it essentially has unlimited ammo but it can be dealt with.


Battlefront 2 looks to be an improvement over the first Battlefront EA did, the gameplay has a good atmosphere to it and the classes look fun. The biggest problem looks to be that some characters are overpowered but some patches or good players can fix that. Dogfights look to have more of an important role and ariel combat as a whole look to have a more strategic element compared to the first game especially on maps like Theed where there’s plenty of open space, another good thing about tge game is that it has two phases, the first being bigger and more open allowing you to have dogfighting, bombing run, vehicles, and more while the second phase is more based in close quarters combat forcing you into a building and making the two factions duke it out. As the game looks like an improvement over the first game but like the first game having a small team and something that resembles a strategy looks to be important.