These days football players find themselves getting a nice payday if they’re among the elite at their position, no one probably gets more money than Quarterbacks who essentially can determine how good a team is. Raiders QB Derek Carr is a good example. The young pro bowl QB managed to get the Raiders to get him a monster deal of 5-years $125 Million, $40 million is guaranteed so regardless of what happens he’s going to get a pay day.

It would be hard to get upset at the team for giving him a contract of that size but let’s be honest he’s the best QB they’ve had since Rich Gannon and he got them to the playoffs. Had he not been injured during the last few games of the season and the playoffs the Raiders would’ve dismantled Houston and could’ve had a shot to win the Super Bowl. This year the Raiders have a good chance to win it all but it’ll be more exciting to see if the contract is going to hurt the team or if he pulls a Joe Flacco and his performance dips off after the contract.