The Switch has been picking up steam since it’s release selling over a million units. The Nintendo faithful hype up the console and games (as usual) and make bold claims like “It has the best games of 2017” and “It’s a console that everyone would love”. On the other side many people slander the switch, some hate the console because they have those almost tribal fanboy tendencies where they hate whatever isn’t their favorite brand.

People who criticize the switch more often have a problem with thw console being underpowered and they’re right to a certain extent, Nintendo hype beast often call those people xbox or PlayStation fanboys and I’ve been labeled as that even though I don’t fanboy because it’s stupid and I gain nothing from white knighting for a company that couldn’t give two fucks about me. Personally I haven’t even thought about buying a switch since it was revealed, there’s several reasons for it but as usual Nintendo hypebeast will claim that I just hate their beloved Nintendo.

My next words will somehow offend someone

Where’s The Games?Don’t get me wrong the switch has games but they don’t have anything that can get the mainstream gamer to go out and gwt their console, as for me they only have three IP’s that interest me they happen to be Smash Bros, Fire Emblem, & Bayonetta. Out of those three there’s only one that has a game thats going to drop sometime soon, Fire Emblem Warriors looks pretty dope I must admit but at it’s core it’s a warriors game so I may as well say that I’ve already played it. It should also be mentioned that those games aren’t enough for me to go out and buy a $300-$400 console. Hold up off in the distance I can hear someone say “but we have Skyrim, Payday 2, & Breath of the wild”. That’s the common thing that I hear Nintendo hypebeast say and the thing is that I’ve beaten Skyrim and put in a couple hundred hours with that game and it’s been out for damn near 6 years so you’re essentially bragging that you have a old game. When it comes to Payday 2 let’s be honest that game had it’s run and although it still has a large player base the switch doesn’t offer much over the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions. Also I don’t give a damn about Zelda

The Playerbase

Nintendo has a pretty uh…”unique” community. I can’t really even hang with some of their more hardcore fans because holy shit their cringe worthy, I mean c’mon don’t get me started on the Mario and Sonic shit. If Nintendo had more of a less intense community I’d definitely be mire willing to cop a switch
The Price

The Switch is a fairly expensive piece of hardware depending on who you ask, some wish that it had a better screen and some just want more power over all. Then there’s people like me who refuse to spend anywhere between $300-$430 on a console that doesn’t have any really good exclusives and where the third party multiplatform games only upside is that they’re portable.

But It’s Portable

This is the #1 thing I hear, peoole seem to think that the fact that the ability of being able to play on the go in places like the subway, bus, car, & airport is a big selling point for everyone. I must admit that the feature is handy but like the Vita 3DS, & other portable consoles I don’t feel like carrying a console around on me and I don’t really care for mobile gaming. The only real places I could see the console being of any use outside of my house would be on a plane, a long car trip, or on vacation. If I’m going to be honest I’m either going to be sleeping, watching anime, or enjoying my vacation so it does little for me.

What Would Make Me Cop The Switch

There’s still a couple things that can convince me to cop a switch, those things would simply be make some exclusives that don’t just appeal to the typical Nintendo fan make games that aren’t Splatoon, ARMS, or Mario. If Nintendo could make games that could appeal to more mainstream gamers and make games that don’t look like they’re made and marketed for kids then you could bet that me and a good amount of people would buy the switch, but instead Nintendo is doing what they did with the Wii U, not making games that appeal to a broader audience. If Nintendo just reached outside  of what seems their comfort zone they could see people that left them come back and actually enjoy their products.