Joyner Lucas is one of the more overlooked artist, being one of the few lyricist in an era where beats seem to matter more than lyrics makes him one of the artist that older hip hop fans might actually like. He was also in the running for the 10th spot on the XXL freshman list but wasn’t included. With that said don’t expect a classic 90’s flow or some Tupac-ish gangsta rap, Joyner is more of a conscious rapper even though the subject of his music isn’t all that conscious nonetheless some consider him a conscious rapper.

The first song on the album is good and makes you think that the album is going to improve, for the most part it does…lyrically.  After Winter Blues the energy the album had gets drained away as Joyner gets on some real shit with Just like you. The energy picks back up with Lullaby but it dies back down to a mellow vibe which isn’t too bad but god damn it last too long for one song (damn near 6 minutes).

Luckily for listeners the album has some great lyrics and the rest of the album is pretty impressive to be specific Forever is one of the most impressive tracks on the album. Forever is without a doubt is one of the more emotional songs that’s come out in recent memory, the best comparison is Mockingbird by Eminem as both songs are targeted toward their kids. Joyner addresses how he didn’t want a child and wanted his girl to get an abortion but over time he comes to care for his child.

For the select few people who wanyed the album to pick up the pace the following song I need more is more up beat and it has a slight vibe that makes you think it’s a Big Sean track. Everything from his flow and even his voice at some parts make it seem as though he’s copying Big Sean. The track is the last upbeat song on the album as the next two tracks are mellow songs and are the last two songs.

The Good and The Bad

This album is one of the few album I’ve heard this year where I can’t really say too much bad stuff about it because it’s so good. The only real problem the album has is that it goes from upbeat to mellow back to upbeat and finishes with 2 mellow songs, this isn’t really a problem as I learned to just brush it off during my second listen. To a person who’s just listening to the album for beats or just taking it at face value this might be a problem but still it’s a minor thing.

Wrap up

508-507-2209 is a beautiful album that can’t be taken at face value and needs to be listened to in it’s intended order for you to get the full experience with many of the songs beung connected to each other either by the voice messages at the end of each song or another method. This is an album that everyone can listen to but not everyone will appreciate it for what it is. This album will definitely be off putting for anyone that doesn’t like hip hop and doesn’t look at the meaning or story behind a song. Overall the album is great and is in the top 5 for album of the year and just about everyone should give it a listen or two.

Rating: 9/10