After making his fans wait for the longest time Atlanta rapper and the 4th Migo, Rich The Kid released Rich Forever 3 on June 16th. The album has features from Famous Dex like the previous 2 iterations but this time around Rich has another artust on the album. That artist would be none other than the newest member of Rich Forever, Jay Critch.

Let me begin by saying that you’re probably not going to like a good amount of songs on your first listen, as of lately this seems to be the case with songs that both Rich and Dex release. The first track on the album Pardon Me was absolute cancer when me and a friend of mine listened to it but after about 3 listens the beat and flow got to us.

Standout Songs 


This is the first track on the album that I liked on the first listen, the beat is good and the vibe is upbeat to an extent. The song has just enough energy to make you dance like Dex just a bit but it’s still calm enough for you just kick back and chill to it.

Did it again

Jay Critch really shines on this track, he provides good energy on this track and surprisingly Rich manages to have energy too and he sounds a little less high which is welcome.

Wrap Up

Rich Forever 3 is a mixtape that was pretty hyped up by fans of Rich The Kid fans, but ultimately left a lot to be desired. The mixtape lacked energy and it doesn’t seem like it was thought out well, at times Jay Critch was the only one with any kind of energy and Charisma, Rich and Dex  hid behind the energy of the beats and really made the project lackluster. Out of the 11 songs only 4 or 5 really stuck out with the rest being below average. If you’re a fan of lyricist or you expected a lot of energy then you can pass over this project.

Raiting: 5.5/10