Sony Gets Caught Lacking Using Photoshopped Anthem Gameplay

Over the years Sony has taken plenty of L’s, most notably the original price point for the OG PS3. This time around Sony takes a more embarrassing blow that’s a little stupid.

Sony thought that using the same footage for Anthem from Xbox’s 2017 E3 would be a great idea. Usually it would be ok since the companies have to share trailers and gameplay trailers for a lot of 3rd party games, but this time sony may as well been trying to do the bow wow challange. Essentially editors tried to add in the L1 and R1 buttons.

Via Eurogamer
Seems legit

Sony should’ve known that people would’ve noticed it espically since the internet notices everything and loves handing out L’s. After they or possibly EA got exposed Sony took down the gameplay but we all know someone somewhere has the evidence of the fail.

Regardless of whether EA, Sony, or maybe even someone from the developer Bioware was the one who did this it was probably done out of laziness or was a last minute thing either way someone took an L

Source: Forbes


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