The summer season of anime has finally kicked off with many great shows starting. One show in particular caught my eye, Kakegurui is an anime that follows Suzui Ryouta (at least for now) who is a rather below average student at an Academy that’s pretty well known for its gambling tradition. Suzui isn’t a below average student because he has bad grades, we don’t really get the academicsame of the school. Suzui is a bad student because he is the Cleveland Browns of gambling, he managed to get himself into so much debt that he essentially became a girls “pet”.

Normally I wouldn’t watch this anime but to my suprise it wasn’t as fan service heavy as I thought it was going to be. Unfortunately the show will more than likely make people think of Prison School because of the art style at times and the rather sick and sadistic main female characters. The similarity to Prison School is almost enough to make me wary of because there was some rather disturbing and downright wrong scenes in that show, Kakegurui seems like it’ll follow that path somewhat although it’ll be a more ah sexually directed one because the character Jabami seems to be aroused by the “excitement” of gambling. 

Bootleg Sharingan confirmed?

The first episode did a good job of showing us what were in for and how the school operates. From what we can tell if a student falls into a large amount of debt like Suzui they have to become what may as well be a slave. You can tell who the slaves are because they seem to have little tags around their necks. 

The episode really starts to pick up when the RPS game starts, as the game goes on we get to see the characters true colors and how Jabami is a rather cunning and insane person seeing through her opponents some what sneaky plan. At the end of the game Jabami’s opponent is in massive debt to her (8,800,00 yen). At the end of the episode Jabami does give Suzui what I assume is the money to pay iff his debt.

She got them bands

As a whole the show looks pretty interesting but the whole gambling thing could get kind of repetitive unless there’s stipulations other than losing momey, something else I didn’t mention was the principal or dean of the school called Jabami a snake which makes me wonder if she knows something about her that we don’t. Regardless, I’m more than likely going to watch this show and do a full review on it when it’s done.