As of right now it looks as though the XXL freshman class is going to be a bust if the final cyphers can’t do better than the 2nd cypher. To the dismay or joy of many people XXL dropped the 2nd cypher for the freshman class and it featured arguably the 3 most popular artist in the group. 

The cypher consisted of Playboi Carti, Ugly God, XXXTentacion, & Madeintyo. This cypher was the most hyped up cypher mainly because of X. Oddly enough X single handedly killed the one thing the cypher had going for it, the only positive about the cypher was the vibe and as I mentioned before X ruined it. After Ugly God’s verse X managed to suck out the positivity the cypher had and went full on edgy with verses that sounded like some shit Saskue, Pain, or Nagato would spit. Luckily for him the other 3 artist left a lot to be desired with them being mediocre. Let me know what you think about the cypher, do you hate it or love it.

(It should also be noted that Madeintyo basically got roasted because it looked like his ass was back there praying while X did his verse)