XXL dropped the final cypher earlier today and holy shit it was good. To my surprise the trio did pretty well for, I’m really impressed that Kamiyah managed to have a decent flow since the beat Sonny Digital used is a type of beat that she wouldn’t normally rap over since she has more of a 90’s or early 2000’s feel to her music. The tracking starts off with PNB Rock who comes in and kills his verse staying on beat the entire time and having a great flow, afterwards Kap G or as some people call him “Mexican Pidgeotto” didn’t let his thick accent get in the way of his delivery. 

Kap G pretty much made it impossible for anyone to ruin the cypher (unless your name is XXXTentacion). The only real down side is that yet again the vibe of the cypher was turned down a lot, this time thanks to Kamiyah. Luckily she did good and didn’t go all Gaara of the Sand on us.