These days it seems like devs rush to make a sequel game as soon as they find out that people really liked their game, this usually leads to a lot of games turning into series that get completely milked. Every now and then we get a good game that still gets supported well over a year after it’s release, a good example being GTA V which has had support for about over 4 years with plenty of content being added all the time.

Now one of the best zombie games to drop in recent years is still getting content going to wards the end of it’s second year. The 2015 Zombie/Parkour/Survival game Dying Light is getting a new free DLC called Reinforcements. The DLC essentially adds more heavily armed humans against you alongside a new Zombie mutation, as of now the DLC is live on PC and you get a little perk if you get the DLC through Gemly. Console gamers shouldn’t worry the DLC will come to consoles at a later date.