Kakegurui is looking to be one of the better anime of the summer 2017 season and if you aren’t paying for a legal streaming service like Crunchyroll you’re most pirating or watching it on a site like Kissanime. For those who don’t want to pay for crunchyroll you probably won’t be able to see the series but if you’re like most people you have a Netflix account or you’re sharing an account with someone else. 

Luckily for those few people they’ll be able to watch Kakegurui but they’ll have to wait until next year when the show is available outside of Japan. If you’re somewhat interested in the show we’ve done a first impressions of the show. Alongside Kakegururui the newest installment in the Fate franchise (Fate/Apocryphs) also be making its way to Netflix but with a much earlier date of November 7th and it will only be available in the United States and Canada