Kodie Shane| Full Clip ft. Lil Wop

Females in hip hop usually come on 3 varieties. They’re either a horrible rapper with little to no upside, one of the several bad bitches in a music video, or an average to great rapper like Young MA, also they might be stripper turned rapper but the example of that is cardi b (I can’t believe O fuck with her music). Kodi Shane unfortunately is a shitty rapper, to make the situation worse Lil Wop is, was, and always will be pure ass with his bootleg Hatian 21 Savage sounding ass. The only upside to the song was the beat, the beat was lit but I wish a better artist used it. Now if you excuse me I need to recover the IQ points and brain cells I just lost after listening to that shit.


4 thoughts on “Kodie Shane| Full Clip ft. Lil Wop

  1. This was horrible 😂. I was trying to at least find something that was alright. Other then the mix but I reallt couldn’t usually. with turn up style songs even if the lyrics is lacking. There is at least energy transfer. Feel good type of vibe this song has no feeling at all. Smh

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    1. That’s true but a good amount are also racking in some money from streaming services and a lot of artist like Lil Pump, Kodie Shane, & Jay Critch are getting a lot of money from SoundCloud


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