24hrs is the brother of 2017 XXL freshman Madeintyo, actually he might be a fat clone of his brother or a fat buu version. Despite him almost being a clone of his brother 24hrs is very differently, he takes a more smooth auto tuned R&B approach while Madeintyo is mostly limited to rapping. 24hrs used to rap but I’ll talk about that a little later.

The auto tuned style that has all but become the signature style of 24hrs is much different from other R&B artist, as a matter of fact I don’t think I can name another artist that has a similar voice. His vocals are so unique because they can be in completely different tones depending on the song or even the project at times, a good example of how his vocals can change over the course of a project is his mixtape Nightshift. Over time you hear his style and tone change a bit but it still sounds unique.

In his music if you pay some attention you can hear or rather notice small hints of Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty. I don’t know if they’re some kind of inspiration or influence for him but it’s a little thing I noticed. If there were any artist that 24hrs makes me think of they would be Nav and Tory Lanez. I say that fora few reasons the again reasons are that he sounds like Lanez a bit and he gives off a similar vibe to Nav. Now I could be a clown and say this nigga sings like R2D2 but I’m going to restrain myself and let you be the judge of that.

Earlier I said that 24hrs used to rap, surprisingly he was pretty damn good. His vocals still have a bit of auto tune but his vocals were much deeper than they are now which made him sound like a Rick Ross jr. His bars are pretty good but arent anything special,if anything he was an average rapper at best. During the times when he isn’t using auto tune his music sounds better, his song Me &  You is a good example.

In short regardless of whether he raps or sings 24hrs is a good artist. Ever since he switched up styles and names he’s blown up (with the help of his brother) but I can’t shake the feeling that he could be something more almost like the next Drake. I say that because both have the ability to go back and forth between rap and R&B if he were to take that route and combine both of his styles he’d be able to pass his brother in popularity. If he keeps the momentum he has at the moment he could make the 2018 XXL freshman class like his brother did this year.