Tons upon tons of anime go unnoticed every year by me, this year however I’ve been keeping my eyes out for any good shows and holy shit I found one. Classroom of The Elite is a slice of life school anime with hints of Assassination Classroom, The Irregular At Magic Highschool, Kakegururi, and Classroom Crisis.

The very first episode of the show is pretty standard introducing us to the main characters, the setting, etc. By the end of the episode you’re almost left drooling for the next episode. It does take some time for the episode to pick up pace and get interesting after the first two minutes that questions the idea of equality, those first few minutes had me thinking about it. Afterwards we get to see the Dynamics of the school and come to understand the school is very elite and only the best of the best really stand a chance of attending it. With that said about halfway through the episode  outside of the store the two main characters (who’s names I won’t ever remember) are in, we get to see a scene that on the surface looks like nothing more than upperclassmen trying to have their way with a underclassmen. 

Seeing this my over analyzing ass saw this as a hint that there’s some kind of superiority dynamic that goes on between the upper and underclassmen or even with the class that the show looks to be focused on.

The start of the second episode damn near gets rid of the seriousness the first epusode ended on as we get anime bitches in swimsuits. Yea that’s right they start it off with some fucking distasteful fan service. The episode luckily did move on with us getting to learn a little more about the way the classes are set up using the S-System.

The only really big revelations we get are in the 2nd and 3rd episode where we learn more about about our two protagonist and more importantly the ditzy overly friendly girl a.k.a Wifey is an insane bitch that may or may not have mental/personality issues.

I aint fucking with wifey no more
Like for fucks sake I wasn’t expecting anything too serious but she threatened Ayanokoji (protagonist) with false rape claims if he let it be known that she isn’t too nice, then she placed his hand on her breast so that his fingerprints could be on her.

You a petty lil bitch

To sum it all up so far Classroom of The Elite is a very interesting anime to say the least. The show has given enough information on the main characters that you have a genuine interest in them but still leaves a fair amount of mystique around them. The character development thus far is very minimal with only two of the 3 mains getting development and tge rest just being there. So far it looms to be a school life/slice of life anime with a real twist and it feeks luke it has elements of Assassination Classroom, Classroom Crisis, and a hint of Yugioh GX. So if you’re looking for an anime that has a good story and isn’t too outlandish then this is for you.