As of late it seems like the popular anime streaming service Crunchyroll has been all about older anime. Shows like Shiki and Gun X Sword have been added as of late but some of the smaller gems like Ga Rei Zero & Moribito Guardian Of The Spirit aren’t there. This is good as it makes the catalog larger and makes the selection a bit more diverse.

First airing in 2003 Gunslinger Girl is definitely on the older side. The show focuses on a girl named Henrietta who managed to survive the slaughter of her family. The event left her in a horrible condition but she was given cybernetic enhancements and turned into an assassin by the Social Welfare Agency. Personally I’ve been hold on off this anime because it seems kinds weird but lit at the same time.

The show will be avaliable on Crunchyroll in the United States, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, the UK, Australia & New Zealand.

Source: ANN