The Anikatsuki is a website dedicated to Hip Hop alongside Anime, Manga, Gaming, Tech, and other geekish subjects. Our goal is to be a hub for gamers, anime fans/Otaku’s, fans of hip hop and sports lovers. We like to deliver news while being as unbiased as possible so that the reader can form their own opinions but we do however give our own thoughts on certain subjects. 

All of the staff like gaming and anime while the big boss Blizzy (that Metal Gear Solid reference) is fan of just about everything that’s covered on the site. All the content you’ll see on this site will revolve around Anime, Gaming, Tech, some other geekish subjects, and Rap/R&B. Our content ranges from reviews to the latest rap songs, anime news to sports news etc. We always try to keep our content as unbiased as possible meaning that we aren’t influenced by companies if we think that a product is good then we’ll say that if we don’t like something then we’ll say that we dislike it. 

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