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Throwback Track Of The Day: Vince Staples- Senòrita

This track isn’t much of a throwback but fuck it, it’s a pretty damn good track. Vince Staples is an upcoming artist who is pretty well known. He released Senorita in as a part of his Summertime ’06 album, which dropped in 2015 The fact that Future is on the track shows that he has some mainstream connections.

Throwback Track Of The Day: T.I- All She Wrote ft. Eminem

Two vets in the hip hop scene collab to create “All She Wrote” which was a song from T.I’s album No Mercy which was released in 2011.

The fact that two veteran rappers collabed to make a song that had a 90’s feel to it was pretty special and would end up being one of my favorite T.I songs