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Samsung Pay drops in India

The comptetor to Apple’s Apple Pay has made it’s way over to India. The release isn’t a full release so it most likely wont be used in a lot of stores. 

The service initially launched in 2015 in South Korea and later to the US, Canada, China, and other countries. As of now  Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Standard Chartered, ICICI Bank support credit cards & debit cards. The service is also expected to be released in 6 other countries.  


AMD Ryzen to receive patches to boost performance 

AMD dropped their new couple called Ryzen and it didn’t live up to expectations as it struggled with 1080p gaming. AMD’s CEO Lisa Su said We hear people on wanting to see improved 1080p performance and we fully expect that Ryzen performance in 1080p will only get better as developers get more time with ‘Zen,’”.  

 Also Su stated “We have over 300+ developers now working with ‘Zen’ and several of the developers for Ashes of Singularity and Total Warhammer are actively optimizing now.” st If all goes well the Ryzen should be able to handle 1080p and 1440p very well let’s just hope that it doesn’t constantly have to be patched like it’s name is Battlefield 4. 


Apple releases “new” Iphone 6 in Asia

Apple somehow managed to release an iPhone without anyone knowing, the so called “new”iPhone 6 doesn’t really have any upgrades aside from it being a 32GB model. 

With this iPhone being sold in an Asian market it could be a knockoff and according to BGR the phone is only available through certain carriers. Try and tell me that’s not a little bit suspect. Even if it’s legit the move still seems a bit odd for Apple

AT&T Overhauls Their Unlimited Data Plan 

So 10 days ago AT&T dropped the ball when they dropped their new unlimited data plan. The plan itself was more expensive than any of it’s major competitors at $100, the plan also didn’t have mobile hotspot for some reason. AT&T did fix the plan by dropping the price down to $90 and including 10GB of Mobile Hotspot. The biggest downside is that you get throttled after 22GB are used. 
The company also rolled out another version of the plan that’s cheaper and not nearly as good. The plan gives you unlimited 3G and no data for a Mobile Hotspot, you also don’t get HAD video only SD (480p) 


Apple Rumored to announcea 128GB iPhone SE & other products in March

Rumors have been circulating around on the E-Streets that Apple is going to be debuting a few “new” products at am event in March. One of the  new products happens to be a 128GB iPhone SE.  If you don’t know what the SE is I’m gonna let you know that it’s basically the iPhone 5s with the internals of the iPhone 6. The She’s target is for the people who thought the 6 was just too big. Hopefully the 128GB model has some spec upgrades to go along with all that memory. 

Apple is also Rumored to be bringing a red color way to the 7 and 7 plus which is an odd color choice for a phone, a dark blue or dark purple might’ve worked better. Outside of the new colorway the 7 and 7 plus won’t really be getting much. The red color way was originally believed to be for the 7s & 7s plus or the 8 & 8 plus/pro since there appears to be rumors that they’ll skip the S model this year. 

The iPad is also another thing that’s going to have some changes to it. It’s believed that it will get a new iPad Pro line up that could sister of a 7.9″, 9.7″, 10.5″ models , & a rather monstrous 12.9″ inch model. All of the models excluding the 10.5″ inch model are expected to ship next month the one exclusion is expected to ship in May. With these bigger sizes I would hope that the iPads would get their own custom OS and not a blown up version of IOS. 


WWDC Returns To San Jose

Apple’s annual conference WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is finally moving back to San Jose, California. The event had a stint in San Francisco for some years but it’s doing what the Rams did and it’s going home. The event runs from June 5th through the 9th. 

Registration starts March 27th so if you’re planning on attending the dates coming up. This move puts the event closer to the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino. 


Verizon Is Bringing Back Unlimited Data

It seems as though Verizon is really getting tired of these other carriers stealing their customers. To try and get more customers Verizon has brought back their unlimited data plan that’s been unavailable for about 6 years. The new plan isn’t insanely high but if you get a single line it will run you $80/ per month. 

If you get 4 lines then you’ll be paying $45/per line every month. This turn around could signify that unlimited data is making a much welcome come back and hopefully AT&T follows suite. The only problem with this plan is that users might get throttled if they use too much data. 

Acer’s new gaming laptop isn’t for the “Broke Boy”

Many people can’t afford a high and end gaming PC because they usually cost anywhere from $1000 to $2000. Unfortunately Acer doesn’t seem all that interested in making a cheap but good gaming PC because their latest PC which was revealed at CES. 

The PC is called the predator 21 an f it’ll run you about $9,000 which is a hefty price tag. If you’re wondering what that 9 grand is gonna get you then you’re in the right place. According to the plug the laptop has 

  • A 21 inch 2560 x 1080 display 
  • 5 System fans for cooling 
  • 64 GB of DDR4 2400 RAM
  • up to four 512 GB SSD’s
  • “Top of the line Intel Processors”
  • NVIDIA Geforce graphics 
  • Eye tracking technology 

The predator 21 X launches in February and for those lucky few who can afford it there’s a hard shell carrying case included just in case you drop it. Meanwhile the rest of us peasants will have to settle for less. But at least we won’t have to carry around a large and most likely heavy laptop. 

HP’s new all in one PC is oh so sexy

It’s not too often that my mouth salivates over an all in one PC but it happened today. The HP Envy curved all-in-one that was unveiled at CES has a beautiful 34-inch screen that would be perfect for watching media or doing other tasks on. 

The PC has a bit of a weird design due to the fact that the internal hardware is stored in the base, unlike other all-in-one PCs with a hot were stored behind the panel of the screen. Also on the bass are all the ports that you would usually have more PC from the pictures I’ve seen some of those about four USB ports and two HDMI ports. The only downside is the price which is over $1000. 

Source: CNET

Pics From: CNET

The Tachikoma Robot From Ghost In The Shell is being created for use in customer service

It seems as if we’re getting closer and closer to making robots that can help us in everyday situations and with other tasks. This time around the iconic Tachikoma Robot from the legendary anime series Ghost in the Shell is being made. According to our plug the machines are being made by the Ghost In The Shell Realize Project. The robot is supposed to be a half sized version of the one seen in the manga and anime. 

The Tachikoma units would be controlled by a customers smartphone via the Virtual Agent Tachikoma app. Personally I think this is pretty damn dope and I would love to see them in action…so long as they don’t ever equip them with weapons. If you think these Tachikoma units are dope or if you think Japan is paving the way for the robot overlords to enslave us or any other thoughts just drop a comment.