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Well The App Store is down

If your an apple user like myself theb you’re out of luck if you’re trying to download any apps because the app store is down. There’s a bunch of possibilities as to what the problem is hopefully it isn’t hacked the best case scenario is that it was DDOSed. I was espically pissed since I wanted to download Halo: Spartan Strike.

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So….there’s going to be a Fruit Ninja Movie

Apparently according to The Hollywood Reporter there’s gonna be a fruit ninja movie, and I have no words to describe this stupidity. Video games typically don’t have good movie adaptations but I’m wondering how the hell you make a movie from fruit ninja a mediocre game that didn’t even have any characters, but that’s Hollywood for you. Unfortunately there isn’t a release date or any confirmed case members for  this “blockbuster”.

Mo Money a Cheif Keef wannabe 

So I was on facebook just looking at shit and I happened to come across a music video called Mo Money X My pole so I decided to watch it and I was disappointed. His voice and style made me think of Chief Keef (granted he looks like a 300+ lbs Keef) who is one of my favorite mainstream rappers. So why didn’t I like the song you may be asking. Simple his lyrics were basic and his flow wasn’t too good, he had talent but his flow needs to be more fluid. ( Since i couldn’t find the song on SoundCloud I’ll just leave the link)

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Spotify vs Soundcloud vs Apple music

Being a bit of a music junkie I tend to use a multitude of music apps but I’m going to focus on the three I use the most and I’ll be giving a quick overview of the apps. 


SoundCloud is a music platform that is a good fit for new artist to get exposure and get some feedback from listeners. I use this app more than the others


Exposes you to newer artist 

Allows you to listen to music that you wouldn’t be able to listen too on any other platform execpt for youtube

Great at recommending music


Not the greatest sound quality


Spotify is probably the most popular music streaming service as it had great music quality and a large selection of main stream artist and songs with a few underground artist. 


  1. Large selection of mainstream artist and song
  2. Great sound quality


  1. Isn’t ad free ($12 a month)
  2. Most of the features are behind a “paid Lock”
  3. The free option had ads and will only shuffle play the playlist

    (here’s a link to my spotify playlist )

      Apple Music

      Apple’s BS music platform that I use anyway.


      1. The exclusives are pretty damn enticing
      2. The sound quality is crystal clear


      1. You have to pay to listen to any music


      Out of these platforms I’d have to say Spotify is the best platform even though it had that damn $12 subscription but I’d you’re willing to deal with the ads and shuffle play then I’d definitely recommend Spotify