Browns Trade for Brock Oswiler

Last season the Browns signed former Redskins QB RG3 this year they trade for the very overpaid Brock Oswieler. The Texans were likely than likely glad to rid themselves of Oswieler after horrific play from him in 2016. 

The trade did cost the Texans a 2017 6th rounder and a 2018 2nd rounder, in return they got a 2017 fourth rounder. All in all it looks as though the Texans might be the losers in this trade but tge Browns are always losers in the end. 


Cavs to waive Andrew Bogut

The cavs thought that they were going to get some decent play from former Golden State Warrior Andrew Bogut but fate had other plans. Bogut breaking his tibia less than a minute into his Cavs debut against the Miami Heat making his signing just about useless. 

The team plans to waive Bogut to sign another center and waive Andrew Liggins to save some money. Bogut was signed after the Mavericks brought him out of his contract as he didn’t meet expectations and let’s just say that he definitely didn’t meet expectations in Cleveland.  


Pierre Garçon to join 49ers

The 49ers are starting their rebuilding phase by agreeing to sign Redskins reciever Pierre Garçon. Last season he had 1,041 yards on 79 catches. 

The 49ers will have him paired with Jeremy Kerely but with the Quarterback position still in shambles the niners future is still up in the air. The details of his upcoming contract haven’t been released but I’m sure it’ll be some decent cash because Kyle Sannahan  is goingbto have his back. 

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is lit 

Yesterday the gameplay of Middle Earth: Shadow of War was revealed and I must say that like Shadow of Morrodor it look lit. The game takes the whole allies & enemies system from the first game and makes it even more important. I’ll be giving my thoughts on the gameplay soon so you can watch the gameplay and form your own thoughts on it. 

Ravens to sign Danny Woodhead

The Baltimore Ravens are looming to get a half decent running back on their team. Ex- Chargers RB Danny Woodhead fits the description pretty well and he’ll  provide some competition for Terrance West ( if he gets resigned) and possibly Javarious “Buck” Allen.

Woodhead is more of a finess back that has recieving skills. If he wins the starting job the team might turn him into a probowler the way they did with Justin Forsett. He could even provide a nice one two combo of Speed & Strength with Terrance West given that he gets resigned. Woodhead has 2,182 yards and 15 TDs since he entered the leauge in 2008. Overall the move is good considering the Ravens are kind of strapped for cash this year but they do need to get a better back or have a interchangeable pair of backs. 


Lebronless Cavs lose 2 in a row against Miami

The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost two games back to back against the Miami Heat with the score being 120-92 & 106-98. This isnt much of a suprise since Lebron led teams tend to struggle without him. 

Currently the Cavs are the team that everyone believes that will represent tge East in the NBA finals. If Lebron were to get injured it’s likely that a team like Toronto would make it to the Finals. After their last game Lebron’s former team is barely out of the playoff picture but they’re on the edge of tbe 8th seed in the Eastern Conference   

Ubisoft looking for another L

After taking L’s in 2016 like they were Meek Mill French Game Dev studio Ubisoft has decided to go with a brand new game based off of James Cameron’s Avatar which would be their second game, the first being released in 2009. 

The game is going to be developed by Massive the same studio that was responsible for the eventual L called Tom Clancy’s The Division. I have to ask why would Ubisoft make a game based off of a movie that’s a little old. Hopefully the game doesn’t get a major downgrade after we manage to see the gameplay like Watch Dogs did. 

The game was announced after update 1.6 was released for The Division. Thw timing of the announcement would lead one to think that Ubisoft is done with The Division but they’ve assured us that the game won’t have an impact on The Division which could mean any number of things. Let me know if you think this new game is gonna be a flop or of Ubisoft will hit gold with this title. 


Bills cut ties with CB Robey-Coleman 4 other players

It’s starting to look like the Bills are going through a rebuilding stage with them releasing several players and keeping Tyrod Taylor’s future a mystery. Recently the Bills cut 5 players who might get picked up by another team. 

The orginazation cut DB Nickell Robey-Coleman who had 162 tackels and 3 interceptions during his time in Buffalo. The team also cut kicker Dan Carpenter who has struggled over the past two seasons. Alongside Coleman & Carpenter the Bills also released Long Snapper Garrison Sanborn, Tight End Gerald Christian, & DB Phillip Thomas. The bills are obviously looking to bring in more depth players and are moving on from the short Rex Ryan era. 


Samsung Pay drops in India

The comptetor to Apple’s Apple Pay has made it’s way over to India. The release isn’t a full release so it most likely wont be used in a lot of stores. 

The service initially launched in 2015 in South Korea and later to the US, Canada, China, and other countries. As of now  Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Standard Chartered, ICICI Bank support credit cards & debit cards. The service is also expected to be released in 6 other countries.  


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