I Hate Sports Anime

With the NFL Draft coming up I figured that this would be a great time for me to explain my hatred for sports Anime. As a fan of Football (Pittsburgh Steelers), Basketball (Miami Heat), Hockey (Pittsburgh Penguins), & many other sports I find sports anime to be very annoying and quite boring for several reasons. The two shows that I will be discussing about are Eyeshield 21 and Kukuro no Basket. Don’t worry I won’t go too much into Football after all your here for anime.

1) They are too unrealistic:
Now I get that anime is supposed to be unrealistic but they shouldn’t go the lenghts they do in shows like Kukuro no Basket and Eyeshield 21 take it over the top making it seem as if the creators have never seen the actual sports (more than likely they probably haven’t)

2) They don’t represent the sport very well:

For a show to be about sports I’m surprised that I didn’t see any “rivalries” some perfect examples would be the Ravens-Steelers rivalry or the Heat-Bulls rivalry. In neither of these shows I haven’t noticed a noticible rivalry ( granted I didn’t finish either). Not do I recalling seeing any “real fans”

3) It’s not exciting
Now I know that both of these shows have a good amount of action but they don’t compare to the actual thing (granted it’s animated) the same thing goes for Madden and 2K they don’t have the same X-factor as the real thing.

4)The location
This applies more towards Eyeshield 21 since Basketball is a worldwide sport. I find it hard to imagine Japanese people playing football.

5)The main Character

The fact that the main character is pretty scrawny really gets on my nerves I get that he’s a running back  and they do have RB’s that are small such as Dri Archer who is 5’8 and around 170lbs but those guys are usually return specialist or moved to WR due to their small frame.

Moribito Guardian Of The Spirit: An unmatched story driven anime?

Moribito is a very story/character driven anime ( an adaptation of the novel) that revolves around two main characters Balsa and Prince Chagum. Basically Chagum’s father was going to kill him because he believed that he was possessed by an evil water spirit. Chagum’s mother as mother like any other mother would fear for her son’s life and hired Balsa to protect him. The fact that this show is short means that I can’t say much without ruining it. When it comes to characters they pretty much ignore anyone other than Balsa, Tanda,Torogai, and, Chagum primarily focusing on the growing relationship between Balsa and Charm which can be easily described as a mother son relationship. There are a few other characters that get significant screen time but they aren’t very important to the story, these characters are mostly used to give more depth to the show or go into the backgrounds of some characters.

Art: The art is dated but still good (despite being from 2007), as far as the fighting scenes go they are far and in between with very little dip in art quality, but the small amount of hardcore action scenes make this not a problem.

The music in this show fits well but isn’t anything special and often feels like it’s used too much. The only good song is the opening,which is a joy to listen to, other than that the music is average and boring. Even the music during the action scenes failed to really grab my attention and failed to add a certain intensity to fight scenes.




A spear welding female warrior who is extremely capable of beating even the most skilled warriors. She has a rather odd habit of not killing her opponents ( as if she’s batman. Balsa also has a knack for ignoring many customs such as not looking a member of the royal family in the eye, which you can imagine is seen as disrespectful. Intelligent and pragmatic she rarely has any miscues in planning and combat. Her design is well done, I like the fact that they didn’t make her to feminine for the sake that she is a warrior. Balsa is my favorite character in this show because of her rational thinking and overall attitude.



The son of the emperor of God knows where he is a spoiled brat who at first acted like a stuck up brat but Balsa eventually got him to act like a normal kid. His progression through the show is nicely done and his transformation from a spoiled kid to a normal kid was handled well and was well paced



I honestly can’t say much about him since he doesn’t do much other than heal, but he is one of the more relatable characters. Tanda is a character that I feel is included only to add more depth to Balsa, throughout most of the scenes he’s in he’s either helping Lady Torogai,  Balsa, or is sent off to do something off screen. I’m not a big fan of his design I know he’s not supposed to be a fighter but he looks like a total pushover.



She is the old sage type character that gives no fucks about respecting people, Torogai has  somewhat of an importance to the story which isn’t all that important really. She is serious at times and is at times a comical relief

Voice acting: (Disclaimer: I only viewed the English dub) The voice acting was done very well none of the voices were annoying or didn’t seem like they didn’t fit the character. Of all the characters I feel as though Balsa has the best voice actor with Tanda having the second best voice. I would recommend the English dub because it is so well done epically compared to other shows.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this for anyone who likes story/character driven anime, personally I watched through the entire series in two days. The show also had tremendous character development with Balda and Chagum. I would give it a 8/10, the only problems I have with the show is that the soundtrack isn’t that well done outside of the opening.

VI seconds Album Demigod is fire

VI Seconds album Demigod is absolute fire

If Eminem is the Rap God then VI Seconds deserves the same title as his debut album Demigod. VI Seconds a.k.a Shizzy is a rapper out of Brooklyn, NY who has a range of styles making him a little unpredictable. Shizzy is with out a doubt my favorite rapper on the rise along side Robb Bank$. VI Seconds spits some sick bars and his wordplay is on point as seen in his song Kill Ricky. He’s able to keep listeners entertained and is a lyrical storyteller who is able to provoke emotion. If he gets enough exposure this man will be one of the best if not the best rappers to date, it’s only a matter of time till he gets signed.

As far as his album goes he put 2 years of work into it and damn sure killed the tracks. I would say that it’s a five star album if it weren’t for the song Boom Boom Bye which I didn’t like but that’s just me.

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