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Drake| More Life Album Review

Drake has dropped what may be the biggest album of 2017. More Life consist of 22 tracks totaling an hour and 21 minutes. The album contains several features most notably Quavo (of Migos) and Travis Scott who are on the track Portland. 

The album has a relaxed feel to it and songs like Passionfruit and Get It Together make you just want to dance. For the most part More Life would be best suited for R&B fans although there’s a couple tracks for those who could care less about Drake’s singing. Gyalchester, Portland, KMT, Can’t have everything, Free Smoke, & No Long Talk are the more rap focused tracks. It’s pretty apparent that drake wanted a more emotional feel with this album and he definitely made it a album with “personality”.

The album did contain one track that Drake wasn’t even on, that track was the Skepta Interlude. Skepta is a top level rapper from the UK and he completely murdered the track and made his case fir the best rapper in Europe. Drake definitely made an album that might be considered for album of the year. 

Personal Thought 

For me More Life was another well done album that I just so happned to be perfect. This was one of the few times where I genuinely liked every song that was on the album right away, usually it would take me a while to get used to the songs. My favorite tracks are Gyalchester, Passionfruit, and Nothings Into Something. 


More Life is aimed more so towards R&B listeners with a few rap songs. The features were very good with the only one that seemed a bit off, that being Quavo on Sacrifices. Quavo’s voice just doesn’t sound right with auto tune to me. I’m honestly suprised that Kehlani and Tinashe didn’t get any features, I’m also a bit suprised that Drake didn’t get Peewee Longaway on Gyalchester because he would’ve killed the beat with no problem. Overall the album has good beats and the featured artist definetly came in clutch espically Giggs. I’d give the album a 9/10. 

Migos | Culture Album Review

Migos dropped their first album of 2017 titled Culture about 2 days ago. It’s pretty much a fact that this album was highly anticipated, and right so because just about anything that Migos drops is fire. The project features features from  Gucci Mane, DJ Khaled, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, and Lil Uzi Vert. Lil Uzi appears on Bad and Boujee which is the same hit song that they dropped last year, you know that “rain drop, drop top” shit. 

The album is 58 minutes long and consist of 13 tracks. The album has a blend of R&B sounds as well as rap. A good amount of the songs on the project had already dropped as singles which is a bit disappointing because the other songs aren’t all that special, exuding the tracks that were released early Get Right Witcha & Out Yo Way were the best tracks on the album with All Ass being the worst. My biggest problem with the album is the fact that the songs don’t have that classic Migos touch like YRN had. This project had more of a R&B feel and used a little too much auto tune which seems to be a thing with Quavo specifically. 

If I had to compare this album to all the projects I’ve listed to this year I’d rank it 3rd, it’ll most likely drop down the list as more projects drop but as of now it’s got a solid place. Overall I’d give the album a 8/10, the beats were on point and the songs had a good vibe to them. My only problem as I said earlier is that there’s too much auto tune and it makes it seem like Quavo is a bootleg R&B artist.