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Drake| More Life Album Review

Drake has dropped what may be the biggest album of 2017. More Life consist of 22 tracks totaling an hour and 21 minutes. The album contains several features most notably Quavo (of Migos) and Travis Scott who are on the track Portland. 

The album has a relaxed feel to it and songs like Passionfruit and Get It Together make you just want to dance. For the most part More Life would be best suited for R&B fans although there’s a couple tracks for those who could care less about Drake’s singing. Gyalchester, Portland, KMT, Can’t have everything, Free Smoke, & No Long Talk are the more rap focused tracks. It’s pretty apparent that drake wanted a more emotional feel with this album and he definitely made it a album with “personality”.

The album did contain one track that Drake wasn’t even on, that track was the Skepta Interlude. Skepta is a top level rapper from the UK and he completely murdered the track and made his case fir the best rapper in Europe. Drake definitely made an album that might be considered for album of the year. 

Personal Thought 

For me More Life was another well done album that I just so happned to be perfect. This was one of the few times where I genuinely liked every song that was on the album right away, usually it would take me a while to get used to the songs. My favorite tracks are Gyalchester, Passionfruit, and Nothings Into Something. 


More Life is aimed more so towards R&B listeners with a few rap songs. The features were very good with the only one that seemed a bit off, that being Quavo on Sacrifices. Quavo’s voice just doesn’t sound right with auto tune to me. I’m honestly suprised that Kehlani and Tinashe didn’t get any features, I’m also a bit suprised that Drake didn’t get Peewee Longaway on Gyalchester because he would’ve killed the beat with no problem. Overall the album has good beats and the featured artist definetly came in clutch espically Giggs. I’d give the album a 9/10. 

Top 5 Rap Projects of 2016

With today being the first day of 2017 it’d be an appropriate time to list off my top rap projects of 2016. 

5) Migos | YRN2

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Migos fan so it was pretty likely that I was going to have this album be on this list or at least as an honorable mention. Out of the 14 tracks Commando and WOA are my favorite tracks. The only thing that I really didn’t like was when Quavo’s voice was auto tuned, it just doesn’t really sound too good. 

4) Meek Mill | DC4

2016 was a horrible year for Meek Mill he got handed an L by Drake. Then he pretty much lost everybody’s respect, but luckily DC4 was good enough that he got some of it back. Unfortunately he had Nicki Minaj on his track froze which was an automatic L and let’s not forget that Lil Uzi wasn’t too good on that track either. Overall the album was pretty damn good and Litty was hands down the best song on the album. There were no sorry beats on the album

3) Run The Jewels| RTJ3 

The duo of Killer Mike and El-p was probably the most pleasant surprise of 2016, the duo gained plenty of fans and pretty much proved that they’re going to be around for a good while. Those who are fans of trap style beats might not enjoy this one due to the fact that it’s beats are somewhat syrang and sound like they have some Dubstep-ish influence. 

2) Dumbfoundead | We Might Die

There was no way that Dumbfounded wasn’t going to be on this list. Dummy is one of the best battle rapper out there and he can drop some fire tracks. Out of all of the tracks on this album Harambe and Hit & Run are my two favorite songs. Also who ever was the other guy spitting bars on Hit & Run was spitting fire. 

1) Anonymuz | Vice City

Vice City was my most hyped up album and it didn’t disappoint. The 14 track album quickly rose on the ITunes hip hop charts as Anonymuz’s fans showed their support for him. Reasonable Doubt ,  Vice, The Coast, & Cowboy Bebop are my favorite tracks from the album.  Vice City shows us that Anon has improved quite a bit as an artist and it shows us that he has plenty of upside as an artist. 

Honorable Mentions
G Herbo | Strictly 4 My Fans

2016 was Herbo’s year he made the XXL Freshman Class and he dropped plenty of heat this year with Strictly 4 My Fans being the best thing he dropped this year

VI Seconds | Demigod

This album was my most hyped album back in late 2015. It was a good album but tracks like Boom Bye Bye didn’t sit too well with me but otherwise it was an excellent album. 

Dave East | Kairi Chanel

Dave East is one of the best rapper that was a part of the 2016 XXL Freshman Class and he put out a good amount of heat this year and Kairi Chanel was my personal favorite. 

Young Simmie| Simmie Season & Simmie Season 2

Former Raider Klan member Yung Simme is a very underrated rapper who put out plenty of heat last year. Both Simmie Season and Simmie Season 2 were great albums so I threw them both together. 

Many people say that 2016 was the worst year for hip hop but I disagree and I think the albums that I listed back up my claim. If you think that they’re any projects that dropped last year that I should listen to then let me know by dropping a comment. 

Anonymuz-Vice City Great or Mediocore

So Vice City dropped today and after listening to the album I gotta say this man is undoubtedly one of the best rappers around. Initially I underestimated how good the album was going to be, which was very idiotic considering how good Vice and Cowboy Bebop were. 

Apparently he spent about 2 years making the 14 track album that only contains one feature which is from Madi Larson on the 7th track Vice. Personally I wouldn’t really consider it a feature given the fact that she really isn’t singing or anything, she’s really more of a background noise to be honest. There were two songs that were released early. Those songs were Vice and Cowboy Bebop. Vice was released on Itunes, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Cowboy Bebop was only available on SoundCloud. 

The album mostly had a rather smooth feel to it. The album reminds me a bit of joyner Lucas because of the flow and style. Honestly the album is a little too smooth because I didn’t even get to the third track before I feel asleep. Overall the sound quality on the album was great and as usual he does one hell of a job when it comes to the lyrics and wordplay. 

Anon pretty much proved that he’s one of the best artist around and his following even managed to get him to #11 on the hip hop charts on Itunes last I checked which is pretty damn impressive. Personally I’ve never liked every song on an album until now, I can say that the entire album is on all of my hip hop playlist. Hands down Vice is my favorite song of the year. When I first listened to it I found myself in deep thought because of it (and of course the song plays as I’m writing this)

Overall Vice City is a great album that differs from a lot of mainstream projects.  If you’re not a fan of “mainstream rap” then I highly encourage you to listen to this album and support the artist.