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Artist Spotlight: Norman Perry

In my attempt to expand my selection of R&B artist I happened to run across Perry. Norrman Perry is an artist from New Haven, Connecticut and his music is a mix of R&B and rap, he reminds me of Krews who has a similar style. 

Perry’s songs never use just one type of beat some beats are more bass heavy while others are more calm which allows each song fo have a different feel and it doesn’t make his music stale.

Both Elvira and Grindin have Perry’s singing on them but the songs have two very different “personalities” Elvira is the kind of track that will have you and your partner feeling like y’all are dtf while Grindin is a track that you’d just chill to and do some deep thinking to. 

Earlier I stated that Perry and Krews had very similar, there are some major differences however. The biggest ones being Perry is a much more refined singer and Krews being a much better rapper. 

If Krew$ and Perry were to collab it would be fire. If Perry gets more attention he’ll be main stream within the next 3 years. 

Artist Report: Blythe Lewis & Rishaud Parker

So it’s been a long while since I did one of these and I thought that a 2 in 1 report would be sufficient for not doing one in a while. So today I’ll be looking at two talented rappers that I stumbled upon while I was on Twitter. 

Blythe Lewis

The brother of the second artist I’m going to review. His voice is deep and reminds me of Maxo Kream. He has a smooth flow that couples well with his voice, I could see him sounding good with more bass heavy beats. I’ll admit that there were times when I forgot that I was listening to him, a perfect example is his song It’s Lit. I had thought that it was Kikstand by ToddyMu but his voice made me think it was Maxo Kream. 

Personally I think that his wordplay could use a little work but he’s probably not the kind of artist that priotizes wordplay although it would improve his music a bit. 

Rishaud Parker 

So I initially stumbled upon this kid (even though he’s older than me) completely by mistake, I wasn’t even thinking about doing one of these until I heard his and his brother’s music. Parker’s style reminds me of Troy Ave or just about any rapper from the 90’s.  There’s several artist that I could compare him to for various reasons, but one that I want to focus on is VI Seconds. Parker and Shizzy have one thing in common and that’s the ability to convey a message or a story. 

If you’ve ever listened to Sour or Wonder Woman by VI Seconds then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Parker has the same talent although it’s a not as polished. He also seems to be more of a conscious rapper based off his lyrics. Another artist he reminds me of is Anonymuz (a.k.a Anon of the gaming illuminaughty), or to be more specific the way Anon rapped in his song The Ride, both of them had a rather smooth flow although Anon was more fluid (I wouldn’t mind hearing Parker spit some bars to the beat). There’s some room for improvement, mostly the fluidity of his lyrics. Experimenting with different styles would also help him as an artist and it would give him room for a little creativity, it’d also be pretty dope to hear him rap over some more non traditional beats like the ones made by Killing Spree or Natsu Fuji. 

Overall they’re two artist that have a lot of talent but also need to polish their music to get to the next level. I encourage you to check out BlyTheLewis’s SoundCloud and Rishaud Parker’s SoundCloud trust me you won’t be disappointed. 

 Artist Spotlight- Flowsik

The Hip Hop revolution in Asia has started and it’s producing sone great artist. No I’m not talking about fuckboys like G-Dragon (yeah K-Pop fans he’s a fuckboy). I’m talking about actual rappers like Keith Ape, Okasian, and KOHH. Not pop idols putting on a front claiming that their rappers (G-Dragon).

My subject today is probably the best rapper in Korea, no scrap that shit, the best in all of Asia. That artist is Flowsik. Flowsik has a deep voice made for rapping, very similar to Lil Bibby and maybe a bit of G Herbo. The first time I heard him was on the “Eung Freestyle” and I swear that I thought Bibby was on the track.

Flowsik is an artist that is heavily overlooked in the Korean market, a perfect example is when he competed in Show Me The Money 5, he got eliminated during the later rounds due to the artist he was matched against being more popular, but if you ask anyone with common sense they would say that he’s better than any artist that competed. If he were in the american market more he definitely would blow up big time (especially in NY since that’s his home town) due to his smooth flow and fire lyrics. The biggest negative is that he’s 31 so if he gets big then he won’t have alot of time as a rapper unless he pulls an eminen on us.

There’s a couple of mainstream and underground artist that I’d like to see him work with namely  VI Seconds, Lil Bibby, Eminem, Denzel Curry, G Herbo, and Future. I encourage you to go listen to this man’s music both his english and Korean songs trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Lud Foe is the new Bobby Shmurda

So world star hip-hop has been having these music videos of a rapper called Lud Foe and at best he’s average, but hey just about anyone can get their shit on world star for about $600 after all they put Stitches bs songs on their YT channel. Lud Foe is basically a clone of Shmurda the only difference is that his flow is a bit different. Many of his songs are generic trap songs and club bangers nothing really special.

The beats he uses are fire but I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard there same beats used in other songs by other artist. He really is nothing more than a below average artist who gets hyped up just like Shmurda. The only artist I’d compare him to is Bobby Shmurda because he’s basically a carbon fucking copy.

Top Asian Rappers you’ve probably never heard of

In rap culture any artist that aren’t  black are often seen as unorigional, boring, whack, or wanting to copy our culture. The one group that I think gets overlooked the most are asian rappers so I compiled a list of the best asian rappers I know of.

10) Keith Ape: Best known for his song “It G Ma” Ape is a very charismatic artist similar to OG Maco, the down side is that he speaks very little English.
9) Okasian: A very chilled artist he doesn’t go in hard buthis songs are nice to just kick back and relax to.
8)Rich Chigga: He’s only up here because of his song Dat $tick. He had bars and he had that lil bibby shit going on where his voice don’t match his body.
7) Lil Crazed: This boy goes hard if you wanna see tgen check out his song Good Kush and Alcohol .
6)JREYEZ: Bruh this dude’s remixes are fire plus he’s got a smooth ass flow.
5) KOHH: He doesn’t have too much English in his music but he has a pretty agressive style and his beats are fire.
4) Honey Cocaine: Don’t ask me how she got that name but Tyga cosigned her and she has bars for days, I mean come on she absoultely murdered her “Love Sosa Remix” she did better than Chief Keef in my opinion.
3) That VG: Probably the most gangsta nigga on this list he’s been rapping for a while and let me say that he ain’t lose his touch

2) Mike Shinoda: The rapper for Linkin Park this man’s track record does most of the talking, also if you know your shit then you know he was a part of Fort Minor and his bars in “Remember The Name” were pure gold.
1) Dumbfoundead: The best by a mile he is an amazing freestylist and an overall artist.
Honorable Mentions:
D-Pryde: For all the high pitch voice weeaboo niggas out there this is ya boy. I don’t know if he’s the most G nerd rapper or the most nerd, rapper but either way he’s dope.
Awkwafina: She’s the female version of Lil Dicky even though she isn’t as good of a parody rapper as he is.
Traphik: Also known as the youtuber Timothy Delaghetto, Traphik spits smooth bars and the only reason he isn’t in the top 10 it’s because he doesn’t make fill music videos.

Artist Spotlight Krews

Krew$ is the artist who essentially got me into listening to underground rap. The bars that this man spat in  Ain’t Gold ” I can have a heart to heart with bitches what they don’t like about me what set me apart from niggas” was on that shit that i could connect with, then he spit ” runnin with ya niggas ain’t livin, bitches ain’t livin in a world where everybody so caught up on opinions” was true and pure fire. Lyrically I can’t see why parole would dislike his music ass although his song New Plug had me a bit thrown off as to what he was trying to convey, although the beat was great.

In certain song he has a sort of message like Kendrick or J Cole but in others like El Chapo, and Flip they are purely just for entertainment which is alright with me. His latest project Nothing To Talk About is definetly something to talk about his song Coast To Coast was amazing and the sound quality was A1. I would definetly want to see him drop a track with Robb Bank$. His style reminds me of Drake at times. Overall he’s extremely talented and it’s definitely capable of producing hits and competing with the top mainstream rappers I recommend that you check it his SoundCloud.

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Artist Spotlight- Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi is probably the must unique sounding rapper from Philly, his lyrics are a bit awkward at times but his songs have a good flow and sound good. Lyrically he’s a bit harder to understand and songs like “He Did It”  seem as if he barely put work into it writing the lyrics. He always had good beats in his songs and is consistent work the quality.

If I were to compare him to any current artist they’d be Future and Young Thug, although he’s more understandable  than Young Thug. Uzi and Playboi Carti are both putting a bigger spotlight on the underground scene. I honestly can’t see him really collabing  with anyone unless their the “Drake Type”.

If there’s anything that I think he could improve on if would be the quality of the songs.

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Artist Spotlight: Anonymuz

Anonymuz it’s a rapper from Florida who always seems to have a good flow and smart lyrics easily making him one of my favorite underground artist. Songs like The Ride, Darth Vader, and Evangelion X demonstrate his talent, he’s also a Youtuber and a member of the Gaming Illuminaughty. The sound quality of his music it’s excellent, the beat isn’t loud and his voice goes good with the beats although his voice sounds like he has a stuffed up nose but that’s just me being a little picky.

If I had to compare him to any artist that I listen to now it may have too be Robb Bank$ just because they’re smarter with their lyrics. In mainstream rap I can’t think of anyone that he things me of, if such an artist exist than I don’t know about them. Anon had a good chance to have success if he gets enough exposure because he has a different sound something that the rap industry needs. 

Anon also collabed with VI Seconds on a song called Tokyo Gold, Anon had a very smooth flow and some good bars although for VI Seconds to out do him as the featured artist Just shouldn’t happen I felt as if it was Shizzy’s song just because his party was better and had a bit more gravity to it.