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Browns Trade for Brock Oswiler

Last season the Browns signed former Redskins QB RG3 this year they trade for the very overpaid Brock Oswieler. The Texans were likely than likely glad to rid themselves of Oswieler after horrific play from him in 2016. 

The trade did cost the Texans a 2017 6th rounder and a 2018 2nd rounder, in return they got a 2017 fourth rounder. All in all it looks as though the Texans might be the losers in this trade but tge Browns are always losers in the end. 


Johnny Manziel Drawing “Interest” from NFL Teams

The former 2014 1st round pick by the Cleveland Browns is attempting to make a return to the NFL. The Quarterback is back with the agent who dropped him last year because of Manziel’s behavior off the field. Teams have a good reason for being interested in Manziel he did manage to do decent with that 2015 Browns team. 

Manziel only has one 300+ yard game which came against the Pittsburgh Steelers ( which isn’t all that special since that year only about 3 QB’s didn’t light us up for close to 300 yards) he also only has 7TDs and 7INTs with 1,675 passing yards to his name. If he could produce the way he did at Texas A&M he could definitely be a top shelf QB but he’ll need competent players around him not guys like Travis Benjamin of he’s going to be successful.